When do the Christmas decorations go up in NYC?

When do all of the Christmas decorations go up in NYC? Please try to give as much of a spefic answer as possible!


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9 Responses to “When do the Christmas decorations go up in NYC?”

  1. goofytartar said:

    I believe it is just before the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

  2. Future of R&B m said:

    Well i do remember around Thanksgiving time….so i would say Right after Thanks Giving….I think its Cool when the Tree Is About to light…Thats Truly NYC Christmas LOL hope i helped

  3. donielle said:

    Probaly right after thanksgiving.

  4. racegrrli said:

    They do it the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving and reveal it all Thanksgiving morning.

    Its awesome!

  5. [nunu] said:

    at the end of november they start to put them up and start selling christmas trees

  6. loco_tech85 said:

    The day after Thanksgiving.

  7. MuffinMom said:

    I believe the Rockefeller Center tree lighting is the Wednesday after thanksgiving each year… not 100% sure, but i remember it being the same every year.

  8. David E said:

    75th Annual Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Center November 28, 2007

    Come to Rockefeller Center to watch as the world’s most famous tree is lit for the 75th year. The Annual Tree Lighting will take place during a star studded event which will officially kick off the 2007 holiday season.


  9. obsolete_allurement said:

    They are up just after Thanksgiving well into the New Year.

    My suggestion, Dyker Heights in Brooklyn.


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