Why are there Christmas decorations out already?

It’s not even Halloween yet, and stores already have Christmas decorations. It seems to me that the “Holiday Season” gets extened by an extra week or two every year. At this rate with in the next 10-15 years we’ll be seeing trees and light displays set up on July 5.

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6 Responses to “Why are there Christmas decorations out already?”

  1. Obamistake said:

    xMas holiday is a huge factor in their annual sales.

  2. Shauni said:

    The same reason Halloween decorations were out in August.

  3. Michael said:

    To get you “thinking about it”…because THEY are thinking about it……
    The “Christmas season” usually determines if the year is going to
    be financially successful, or not successful for all the stores.(malls)-

  4. Gary L said:

    It the time of year when they see “Red”or “black” at the end of year They want to get the ball rolling to get the money coming in For some businesses a do or die time If they wait the season becomes shorter and there’s no snow outside There’s a place in Michigan that sells Xmas stuff all year!

  5. Cecelia Cleary said:

    Bible thumpers.

  6. The Habitat Dr. said:

    Because America is ruled by corporatism. Spend spend spend!


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