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What are some simple and fun Christmas decorations that I could make with my brother?

My brother is nine and he doesn’t really like the artsy kind of things… my mom wants me to make home made Christmas decorations with him for bonding… and to be able to decorate the house… I need just simple things like snow flakes or anything really

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2 Responses to “What are some simple and fun Christmas decorations that I could make with my brother?”

  1. SadieMay said:

    You could make candy cane reindeers. You just get a box of candy candy canes, some pipe cleaners and some small google eyes. Oh and those little pom poms (either in black or red)

    Just glue the google eyes to the front of the candy cane to make the face and glue a little pom pom on the end to make a nose.

    Get a pipe cleaner and twist it so that you can make antlers and glue them on top of the candy cane. :D!

  2. 8) said:

    If he’s nine he probably won’t like bonding, but that’s just what I think.
    Gingerbread houses or cookies are a great alternative. Try to buy sparkles and lots of crafty stuff so you two can construct something really creative that he enjoys and it has to do with christmas.
    Ex. If he likes star wars
    Make a snowman with starwars clothing.
    He will love that.
    also make him hot choclate, and bring a little tree for you two to decorate togeather, make your own ornaments for the tree


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