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When do you put out your Christmas decorations?

I’m putting away my Halloween stuff and I’m tempted to just pull out the Christmas decorations. Obviously it’s too early for a real tree but what about the snowmen and santas?

When do you put out your decorations?

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39 Responses to “When do you put out your Christmas decorations?”

  1. yayyyalexa said :

    My sister and I put ours up on the first day of December :] October is halloween….November is thanksgiving…December is Christmas. Each holiday gets their own special month, haha. But we obviously dont’ put up decorations for thanksgiving..

  2. xCourtnae said :

    My family puts ours up like 2 days before Christmas. xD But I AM ready for some Christmas spirit.

  3. Baller!! said :

    My family puts the decorations out after Thanksgiving.

  4. The InGLeSH MaYJuR said :

    just after Valentines Day, to get that little head start, thats when the inflatable light up snowman goes in the yard, then gradually throughout the year more and more until it looks so ridiculous that everyone in the neighborhood tries to destroy our fun

  5. givingvoice2003 said :

    When they’re on fire…

  6. Teto_Bandito said :

    The weekend after thanksgiving.

  7. Emma T said :

    Dec 13th

  8. Ellie said :

    I just keep mine up all year.. it shows that I’m white trash and I am lazy.

  9. floridaman39us said :

    We decorate the day after Thanksgiving or December 1st.

  10. Eliza B said :

    The first of december makes sense but I usually end up doing it about a week before christmas.

  11. ♥♥The Queen Has Spoken♥♥ said :

    Anytime before Thanksgiving is crass.

  12. Black Belt said :

    the first week of December

  13. Bella Latina said :

    The day after Thanksgiving… after all the shopping…

  14. XxChLoExX said :

    about the 16/ 17 dec, its not 2 early but not too late, if not u just get sick of them and the needles fall off the tree!!!!

    wait a bit longer, please!!!!!

  15. "max J" said :

    End of November.

  16. grunt's wife said :

    i would love to do it now. i just wait till after thanksgiving.

  17. rpthom54 said :

    Always the week following Thanksgiving.

  18. hel_louise said :

    1st decemeber is when we put them up normally but we dnt switch the lights on untill few weeks b4 christmas

  19. Lynzee said :

    I try and hold out until after Thanksgiving. That’s just too weird for me having thanksgiving dinner with a nutcracker on the table. Conflict of holidays.

    My birthday is on Nov 30th so when I was a kid I would NEVER let my mom decorate for Christmas before my birthday. That was like skipping a whole ‘nother holiday! But now that I live with roomates who all go home for thanksgiving, I like to surprise them by having Christmas all set up when they get home.

  20. lowery44 said :

    I but mine out on Thanksgiving night. I say go for it with the Christmas decorations!

  21. Clark Kent said :

    Six months before Christmas in our family!

  22. girly12 said :

    Usually right after Thanksgiving

  23. Carol T said :

    I would at least wait until people get past Thanksgiving. No one likes to have Christmas crammed down their throats. My neighbor put her Christmas wreath up and I really don’t want to have to look at it this soon. Give me a break. I may have to trip over all that junk in the stores but I don’t want it around the home before I’m ready to look at it. It really ruins my Christmas spirit if I feel like it’s being pushed at me.

  24. Gina M said :

    Some people do it the day after Thanksgiving others do it on the first day of December, then you have the occasional slacker who doesn’t do it until Christmas eve. It all depends on what you prefer. I’d personally go for the end of November.

  25. kadkadkad said :

    I usually start two weekends before. Earlier is fine too. In this crazy world.. the happy times are the best of times. Merry Christmas. Plus I leave everything up til a week after New Years!!!

  26. bryce m said :


  27. gibfam1106 said :

    I usually put ours out on Thanksgiving. But as with myself I am packing up Halloween decor now and have also thought about starting my decor for Christmas early…….

  28. Heather L said :

    I like to wait until the magical Christmas elves put it all up for me…JK I’m just too lazy to take them down. Whatever you do, don’t make your decision based on the Retail World’s schedule, or you’d have “Jingle Bells” playing through little speakers on your front porch the day after Labor day!

    Seriously, whenever you wanna get all Christmassy. Get a cute boy to help you hang the lights, make some eggnog and critics be damned!

  29. paintballgurl123456 said :

    the day after thanksgiving

  30. Kimbermai said :

    Usually right after Thanksgiving.

  31. 2cr8zy said :

    i am a procrastinator, i always say i want to get them up right after Thanksgiving, like on that Friday, and it never happens! so usually a day or two before Christamas, sad huh?

  32. NSFB said :

    Lol!! Wow! It sounds like you’re just like me!! however, my fiance would kill me if I put our christmas stuff on November 2nd.

    So…we usually compromise and I start putting up stuff during the 3rd or 4th week of November!

    Have fun!! 🙂

  33. Feelin Like Christmas Already! said :

    love christmass!!!

    my deco in my room is goin up this weekend and so does a shi*t load of other deco and itll stay up till the end of january

    my deco at my moms house goes up the 1st weekend of december and comes down after new years

    the deco at mi dads goes up when i want it to. probably in about 2 weeks, and itll stay up till 2 weeks after christmas ends.

  34. secret-blonde said :

    we normally put ours up 1st to 10th of december it depends. it feels like christmas already its freezin. I hope it dunt snow on christmas day cos that wont be fair cos i on holiday lol
    ope i’ve helped
    have a good christmas

  35. sox&rock247 said :

    our holloween decorations are still up we put christmas stuff up after thanksgiving

  36. GirlAnachronism said :

    around the 16th of December

  37. Janay said :

    My family puts them up a day or two before Thanksgiving. The Christmas tree lights are on while we’re eating. It’s really nice.

  38. iluvtorofl said :

    I try to have them all up by the fist weekend in November. I still have a few more boxes to get out.

  39. aryantigeress said :

    I have been twitching to put up my Christmas stuff already soon as i took down all my Halloween decorations,my living room is bare and knick-knack free.why bother putting out my regular stuff,only to be packed away for the xmas decor soooo,but until then ,its sooo depressiong and gloomy in my living room.
    I have worked retail for about the last 10 years of my life,and if i don’t do it early,i get so fed up with all the christmas hussle and bussle,i wont want to put it up.i always put them up a week or more before we all know the day after thanksgiving i will be working a manditory retail work day,and i will be to tired to do it.SOOO :when ever you want to or have time to,~put it up!!!!then sit back and enjoy it..

    oh by the way,,my neighbor 2 years ago put up huge blow up igloos,peguins,and santas on his front lawn,3 weeks before HALLOWEEN!!!,kids had to trick or treat through that crap!!!..Halloween is my favorite holiday,so at least i have the brains to wait till Halloween is over…and he must of got so much crap for doing that,he hasnt done it sinse hehehe…oh and and hes a cop…no brains!hahahahaha


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