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what do you do to the electrical cords for christmas decorations so your house fuse doesn’t blow when wet?

Every Christmas when I put on holiday decorations, if it rains or heavy snow I constantly blow the house fuse. What do you do so this doesn’t happen?
They are not in puddles! and I have alot of them plugged into a standing timer with 6 plugs and the plugs are heavy duty and top door doesn’t close. What then? lights go on with timer except when it rains or snows heavy

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4 Responses to “what do you do to the electrical cords for christmas decorations so your house fuse doesn’t blow when wet?”

  1. Rich Z said :

    If it is that you have it plugged into an extension cord then go the place where the lamp string and the extension cord are plugged together and wrap that whole area tightly with that black vinyl electricians tape. That should keep the water off that vulnerable place.

    If you are not plugging it into an outdoor outlet that has a close-able cover on it (which is an electrical code violation) get one of those covers and put it onto the outlet you are using.

    If any part is lying in a puddle fasten it above the ground to keep it out of the puddle.

  2. pickmefirstplz said :

    i use outdoor cords

  3. Bill M said :

    Don’t turn on the lights when it rains or snows. Don’t use lights that are labeled for indoor use only. Try wrapping with electrical tape wherever two cords are plugged together.

  4. Tedruski said :

    Put all your plug in connections in a zip lock bag. zip it closed as far as it will go then fold over around cords and tap with black electrical tape a few times around. Twist tie the bag/cords to a small stake or decoration so the zip opening is pointed to ground.
    Any kind of old stake such as tomato stack (paint black or dark green)
    is good. You can even buy green extension cords which are almost invisible. Where light sets plug in end to end, just wrap with electrical tape over joint and each way about 1″. Hang light strands so the light sockets are pointed down so water cannot collect in the sockets.


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