When are you suppose to put up your Christmas decorations?

When would be the best time to put my christmas decorations up including my christmas tree (a fake one)

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13 Responses to “When are you suppose to put up your Christmas decorations?”

  1. Lainey said:

    Day after Thanksgiving, or a few days after.

  2. Justin W said:

    prolly the day after thanksgiving or we put ours up dec. 1, but your choice.

  3. Break yo self [email protected]@Z said:

    november 7th

  4. Reality bites said:

    when you feel like christmas, duh!

    Some people leave them up all year round, but that is because they only have a little room in the psych ward.

    Are you serious?

  5. candlelite said:

    Most people put their decorations up the day after Thanksgiving or the first of December.Anytime before the week of Christmas is good.

  6. torie219 said:

    Well whenever you want to really.
    But most people put them up either before or after thanksgiving.
    I think the day after thanksgiving is good!

    Hope i helped! :]

  7. Hope T said:

    At least a week after thanksgiving since now everyone is buying christmas presents you will feel when it is right the christmas spirt will hit you. Not the day after people with think you are rushing . Dec 1 or around then because that 25 days by than you will be tired of the stuff being out. hope this helps could really use a best answer

  8. Ballet 24/7 said:

    I always put mines up ON Thanksgiving. I put up the christmas tree and little town while my mom is cooking dinner and the rest of the family is in the living room chatting.

    It’s really fun. But as far as the outside decorations go i already put those up yesterday!

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Santa-what would u like 4 X-MAS said:

    All the decorations are normally supposed to be up and lit by Thanksgiving, and it takes a while to get everything up, I would say that most of the garlands and trees will be up in the parks up to a week before. But lighted displays will possibly not be turned on until Thanksgiving day. Of course this is my guess and since Disney does not consult me, the actual lighting dates for the various displays will likely be different. 🙂 Since you specificly mention “mid to late November” you may want to wait until as near Thanksgiving as you can (while avoiding the actual T-giving weekend). Or if the timing fits you may wish to wait until the week after. This would give you all the decorations up and running, and lower than normal crowd levels. -A few questions what is your favourite decoration at WDW when is Thanksgiving ?we do not have thanksgiving here in Ireland when is the best time crowd wise to go to see all the Christmas decorations ? are they really nice? how long after Christmas do they take them down dose father Christmas visit the parks or resorts -Toontown is awesome, and our Christmas photo was with Santa Goofy in 2002. Santa and Mrs. Claus were at the American Pavilion at Epcot in 2001 (no line), and that was our photo for that year. There was a very moving choral performance there also! We also did a Holiday Cruise and the Wonder was decorated magnificently!

  10. scfm1095 said:

    After Thanksgiving (The American date) or early December, since you have a fake tree.

  11. Deb W said:

    You can put up your Christmas decorations whenever the mood strikes you. Tonight might be a good time. I’m pretty traditional so I won’t put mine up until after Thanksgiving, but I never belittle anyone who puts their tree earlier or later than I do.

  12. Shae F said:

    i dont know when thanksgiven is, im aussie,
    but our family tradition is december 1st

  13. Selar said:

    i really love Christmas and i have decorations for every room in my house. Today it started snowing where i live. So I can hardly wait to put my stuff up!!!! I know most put theirs up the day after thanksgiving, but I really can’t wait a day after november 1st-because of the excitement, because it is alot of work, plus i take them down after Christmas is over.


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