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What time of year should you have to take down Christmas decorations?

I have a neighbor who still has theirs up. Should I write a note or talk to them in person? It looks tacky to me to have Christmas decorations up in March.
I should mention that this isn’t the biggest problem in my life, but I do take pride in my neighborhood. These neighbors are renters and everyone else on the cul de sac owns their own home. Needless to say, they treat the property with the mentality of a tenant and not an owner. The Christmas decorations are in addition to screens hanging off the window, trash and debris in their front yard, and broken mini-blinds on windows that face the street. You probably would understand if you took pride in your home as well. I do not appreciate your flippant answer.

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16 Responses to “What time of year should you have to take down Christmas decorations?”

  1. Haveitlookedat said:

    Give them until the fourth of July. If they are still up by then, then say something about it. 🙂

  2. Pacifica said:

    Jan 1.

    Mind your own business. The neighbour may like them.

  3. Tribble Macher said:

    All year for christmas ytrees are a needless tradition brought over from europe.

  4. admin1066 said:

    Look, if your neighbor wants to hang their christmas decor all year round, its none of your business.

  5. Natalie M said:

    eww. i totally know what you mean.
    but guess what? this is the FIRST (and prayerfully last!) year that I left mine up til, I think it was March 1st.

    It’s horrible and every time I looked at the tree it made me feel icky. For me though, my reason was because I was really busy. I work full time and I’m going to school, too, plus I babysit on my free evenings, so it’s hard for me to 1) find the time, 2) find the energy once I HAVE the time to take it down.

    but it’s down now, and i LOVE it!
    maybe you should mention it in passing. using a fun or teasing tone at first might be a lighter way of saying “what the h e l l are you thinking?” lol

    or just … don’t worry about it.

  6. ♫ Mad Luv ♫ said:

    there is always going to be those neighbors.. i have 2 down my street!

    You could leave an annyonmes note saying Christmas is over can we show that now!

    or get everyone else on the block to put up christmas deco

    or be mean and say preping for next year that’s a good head start!
    I can undestand when it’s freezing out side and some stuff get stuck into the frozen ground but maybe be neighborly and ask if they need any help takeing them down and you don’t know how to ask them to so maybe you can by ust asking if they need help!~

  7. kiwi said:


    But I’ve noticed that there are people in this town who keep their basic decorations up, and make some changes to suit the holiday to come.

    For example.The Christmas tree can become the Valentine’s tree, the St Patrick’s tree, the Easter tree, the Independence Day tree, the Oktoberfest or Harvest tree, and back to Christmas.

    One house has a lit up, huge wreath of bare branches on their side wall. They light it up every night. First, it had a multicolor lit Christmas tree ball in the center of it. Then, a lit red heart. Now, a lit green shamrock. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  8. eightieschick70 said:

    well you know what, thats their business. I had neighbors when i was a little girl who left their tree up all year long, we used to call them the christmas tree people, the reason they did this is because their son died at christmas time and this somehow reminded them of their son. im sorry but its really none of your business and if thats your biggest worry then i really wish i had your life.

  9. XJlyBeanX said:

    I think it should be the first nice weather day after New Years but no later than Jan 31st. At least that is what I do. Who cares what anyone else thinks. If you want to hold onto the holiday spirit so be it.

  10. bearbrain said:

    Tradition is that Christmas decorations come down on twelfth night-that is January the end of the 12 days of Christmas.
    It’s considered unlucky to have them up after then-
    in this case it seems that it’s unlucky for you to have your neighbor’s still up there
    Yes it is tacky and I think the best way to deal with this is an informal chat-when you next meet up outside.
    A note is formal but in talking to him you can ensure that your request comes over in a friendly,non acrimonious way.

  11. awommack said:

    ask them take ot down

  12. Sheriam said:

    I think tradition says to take them down before or on Jan 6th. I usually leave my tree up a few weeks longer because I like it so much but it can’t be seen from outside and I rarely if ever get visitors at my home; I think etiquette applies when other people can see it, not when you’re alone, it’s about how we interact with eachother.

    But okay, now it is March and that’s pretty late 🙂 Is it a fully decorated tree, colored lights, santa/reindeer etc, or just some white lights? Personally I love white lights all through the winter season, it just looks light and happy any time when it’s still dark so early in the evening, and doesn’t look that ‘Christmassy’ at all. Many people keep those lights up and I think that’s fine, they’re not solely for Christmas. If it’s a full Christmas display in the front yard I’d say it’s pretty much out of place too… or is it in their livingroom and do you see it through the window only? That would be more of their own business, even if they don’t have the curtains closed all day and night it’s still far more ‘their space’ than when it’s outdoors. So it just depends on what it is and where, whether it’s truly inappropriate and you should say something or whether it’s just a minor thing and I’d say just look the other way….

    As for how to address it, I’d ALWAYS talk to neighbors in person first, a note seems rude when they live next door, unless they’re never home when you are.

  13. mikisunshine said:

    My Swedish ex-husband used to say you put them up on Christmas Eve and took them down on 20th day Knute which is January 14th, the 20th day after Christmas. We used to have a big party then, lots of food, demolish and eat the gingerbread house. Good times.

    There’s a reason more and more neighborhoods in America are forming homeowner associations. There are some drawbacks, but there are more benefits, such as retained property values. We live in a democracy and some of us take pride in where we live. Though I see nothing wrong with keeping Christmas decorations up year round, the fallen screens and unkempt yard tell me that it’s just plain laziness that’s the cause in this case.

    Have you thought of getting together with your neighbors and writing to the property owner? There may also be city ordinances covering some of the problems such as the unkempt yard, broken screens, etc. And, of course, you _can_ ask if they need help, as a way of bringing to their attention that their yard is an eyesore. Unfortunately, you say they’re renters and as renters, they’re only responsible for what’s defined in their lease so contacting the homeowner is probably your best bet.

  14. Faith said:

    I always have mine all down by the end of January.*

  15. slugger the bugger said:

    they are leaving it up to wreck your head cause they know you are annoyed they could have a bet with you neighbor as to how long it will stay up hell maybe its up early

  16. bigger fish to fry said:

    It’s a free country last time I checked and whether or not you like your neighbor’s Christmas decoration or not doesn’t really matter. It’s their right. Now if they are manufacturing meth in their basement, you have a right to complain.


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