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How do you feel about the Christmas decorations / stuff today being put up in stores WAY too early?

I’ve just gone for a walk around my local mall and they’ve already strung up all the Christmas decorations and holiday items… in the middle of September! =O

Coincidentally, and almost ironically, I saw it featured in the 6 o’clock news later that night: “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… in September.” It seems that MOST retail outlets and malls are taking advantage of this “Holiday Spending” bonanza… =(

They said it was to augment and help increase the profit for the annual Christmas / Holiday sales.

Personally, I’d be pissed when they do these things so early that it seems ludicrous and out of place… also, if they ever skip Halloween, I would go nuts (Halloween is one of my favourite holidays = candy)!

What’s your opinion on this? Would you do all your holiday shopping now? Does it really save you the money (like they said on the news)?

For all we know… next thing we might see is Christmas in July! =D

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11 Responses to “How do you feel about the Christmas decorations / stuff today being put up in stores WAY too early?”

  1. updo said :

    It’s cute and fun to look at!!!

    haha like the halloween candy bowls with the hands that come down and say “happy halloween” when you grab candy…

    fun stuff…


  2. A little Southern Comfort said :

    I love Christmas and cold weather. So when Is ee the decor it gets me excited and lifts my spirits and I know my favorite time of year is coming!

  3. Taylor B said :

    It’s so totally true though they put up chritsmas decorations up way to early it’s like we skipped Halloween and and went straight to Christmas and I think you save money when you do all your christmas shopping now because everything is on sale because when its the time when everyone starts buying stuff prices go up..

  4. peaches6 said :

    It’s really a shame that Christmas is about money anymore. You’re right. . . we’ll see Christmas earlier and earlier each year, so don’t bother putting away the Christmas deco.

  5. Marie said :

    Would you believe, they already have Christmas in July, in many places, I think its to clean out what ever is left from last years Christmas . …. soooo they can start this Christmas in Sept. makes me sick…..They need to wait tall Thanksgiving is over .

  6. albertoapardo said :

    I would not do holiday shopping until after halloween, and before thanksgiving, before prices go up. that way, i can enjoy halloween and then the holidays.

  7. gus_zalenski said :

    Say true! I think that it is rushing things when they completely skip over 2 major holidays, Candy day and Turkey day, and start with the Christmas stuff right away. I have a friend who starts her Christmas shopping in July! Talk about rushing things! Its a little upsetting the way some people make Christmas all about shopping and gifts and decorations in the mall instead of being about the birth of Jesus Christ!

  8. lachicadecafe said :

    That’s a bunch of crap. It’s way too early. Just because the retailers are trying to get us to spend money now doesn’t mean we will. I agree, it is ludicrous and out of place!

  9. Monica O said :

    It’s just ridiculous to see that stuff up before Thanksgiving. It’s also disrespectful to Halloween, like they are skipping over one holiday to focus on a more profitable one! That being said, there have been a lot of new reports lately that say retailers are expecting poor Christmas earnings this year due to the economy. This is particularly bad news for certain industries (toys, jewelry) who make most of their yearly earnings in the last part of the year. It’s possible that with the economy in mind, retailers will be trying to make Christmas as early as possible as to lengthen the buying season to compensate for the low earnings that are being predicted.

  10. Suzanne L said :

    I agree completely with you, they are starting Christmas earlier every year!
    It is CRAZY.. I love Halloween and Thanksgiving, and when I was young(about 35yrs ago) Christmas stuff came out after Thanksgiving, that was cool.
    I do not believe it makes people shop earlier for Christmas, it doesn’t do it for me.
    I find it all a bit outrageous and why push the holidays?? Its much more fun shopping when its snowing and it’s near the time. The stores doing this earlier do nothing to persuade me into shopping earlier.

  11. AL R said :

    It is annoying and what is more so is that people say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Xmas.


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