Why do Americans complain about Christmas decorations being out before Thanksgiving?

I’m an American and I celebrate both holidays, but I don’t understand why so many Americans are groaning about Christmas decorations being out before Thanksgiving. What makes them think that everybody celebrates Thanksgiving? What about the rest of the world that don’t have Thanksgiving? Are you saying that the rest of the world should wait after we Americans celebrate Thanksgiving and then put Christmas stuff out? Why Americans so selfish?

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3 Responses to “Why do Americans complain about Christmas decorations being out before Thanksgiving?”

  1. max said:

    You’re American and you don’t complain. You render your argument invalid. Congratulations.

  2. J said:

    I know. I hate when people complain about christmas stuff in stores now.

  3. Tyler said:

    What? I think you are missing the point. Thanksgiving is a holiday about being thankful for what you have and it’s an official holiday in america. Not everyone celebrates it of course, but the majority of us do. The problem is that businesses don’t make much money from it, so they basically ignore it and try to make the christmas shopping season earlier.

    So what about the rest of the world? I don’t think americans are complaining about the stores in other countries. Other countries don’t have thanksgiving, so seeing christmas stuff in their stores might not be a big deal. Americans aren’t telling anyone else to wait for anything. No one is being selfish here. Understand?

    I’m just one to think that Thanksgiving needs more respect and we can get businesses to start noticing this if we all buy more Thanksgiving decorations and other related items in November.


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