Do straight guys enjoy putting up Christmas decorations?

My hubby insists that no straight man participates in putting up decorations or if he has to participate, he doesn’t really enjoy it. Please help me prove him wrong. Do men enjoy putting up IN DOOR Christmas decorations?

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8 Responses to “Do straight guys enjoy putting up Christmas decorations?”

  1. hilda y said:

    well,not really but yeah i really do not know……… depends on the guys personalty

  2. Tita said:

    He is wrong, putting Christmas decoration has nothing to do with his true pants. ALL MEN just follow their wives’s instructions on decorations or move furniture, this is the thruth…….the problem with your man is that he is only putting this as an excuse to not doing it. He is lazy, that’s all.

  3. Santa-what would u like 4 X-MAS said:

    Well Yes they do,anyone can help trim the tree.

  4. Chris L said:

    it does not bug me to bad…
    if at all
    it is kinda fun..

  5. Tim M said:

    It’s a chore, but I’ve never heard of anyone bringing “sexual preferences” into the discussion. That’s just weird.

    Suggest some decorations he might like… a Christmas train for example. Tell him all straight guys love trains. lol

  6. tyler K said:

    its kinda fun if your with your girl.trees the best though. i am straight

  7. adshaw32 said:

    Haha, I would love to help prove your husband wrong with you, but I just asked my husband if he likes to help put up indoor Christmas decorations and he said “no”. When I asked him why, he told me because they do not “interest” him and also that “if I put them up, I have to take them down”.

    Looks like we are on our own here ladies!

  8. actress_babe101 said:

    Not by themselves, but if they are with a friend/girlfriend/wife it can be fun. Or they can pretend they are having a good time because they love you enough to not make you feel bad about making them help.


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