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When is the appropriate time for putting up Christmas decorations?

I love Christmas and would love to put up our lights and our tree and all my christmas stuff… but my hubby thinks we should wait until after Thanksgiving. I know I can do whatever I want… just curious on other people’s opinions. When do you think is the earliest to put up Christmas decorations in your house?

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18 Responses to “When is the appropriate time for putting up Christmas decorations?”

  1. lhallums82 said :

    The Friday night after Thanksgiving is when my tree goes up, Decorations are up by Sunday.

  2. ~LoViNg MoM n WiFe~ said :

    i wanted to put up our christmas tree and decorations now..but my hubby wanted to wait till after i guess most of the people will do this the weekend following thanksgiving…but some already have their tree and decorations up already…

  3. Blah Blah Blah said :

    We also put our tree up the Friday after Thanksgiving

  4. matt b said :

    If your going to be home. Thanksgiving weekend. If not I would say it is ok to do it before.

  5. grateful said :

    I always wait until December.first, I try to only decorate in the month the holiday falls, so mines up december first, down by the end of the month

  6. angie. said :

    1st day of december

    it seems like that would be right lol


  7. Kimbo<3 said :

    I LOVE Christmas I wish we could have the decorations up all year too! I say the day after thanksgiving you go into a christmas frenzy!!!!! Thats what I do all decorations come out, tree goes up, music is playing and i even change my ringtone on my cell that day too!!!! Christmas is the best!!!! GOOD LUCK!

  8. Alex said :

    I put up christmas decorations and the tree about 2 weeks before Christmas Day. I’d say it’s ok from December 1st onwards.

  9. sbillyo said :

    I always put up all my decorations up the Friday (and Saturday and Sunday) after Thanksgiving, but i save the tree until the first or second weekend in December because it will last longer and look better on Christmas morning.

  10. Gizmo3 said :

    Put up lights when ever you want, wait to put up christmas decorations till after Thanksgiving.I see people already putting out there santas and candy canes right now,but it seems way to early.So put up lights while the whether is nice

  11. taceyo said :

    Like you I would love to put up our decorations now! We will be decorating the day after Thanksgiving though. I cant wait!

  12. drumbum said :

    I have my stuff up in my room. But not the rest of the house. I think that will go up after Thanksgiving because I don’t have time!

  13. Mustbe said :

    We all have a big Family Dinner
    at my house on Thanksgiving..
    after dinner we relax & talk…then go outdoors to start putting up lights.
    I try to get my in-doors done the next day.

  14. Chrissy said :

    We usually do it the Friday after Thanksgiving. Christmas is my favorite holiday – I love all the decorations, and I, like you, would love to put up all my stuff now, but I still think it might be a little too early. You can always put your decorations out now, and then leave the tree and all the lights for next weekend.

    Some of my neighbors already have their Christmas trees up though – so I guess it’s all up to you!

  15. Stef S. said :

    Haha… okay well I live in Canada so I just find it humorous when you guys say “after Thanksgiving” because ours was wayy back in October. Anyways. People on my street already have their decorations up. My family usually does it on December 1st.

    I think since your Thanksgiving is so close to the Christmas season that putting it up a few days after Thanksgiving would be a good idea too.

    Good luck and Merry -early- Christmas! 🙂

  16. Mari said :

    I love Christmas as well and I no longer live at home this year I will be putting mine sup the day after thanksgiving however my mother makes me put her tree up as well and i will be doing it the day before thansgiving. Ussually, I like it before thanksgiving like that during thansgiving youre tree is up also we use artificial trees because were allergic to real trees therefore maybe if you do real trees is better to wait.

  17. ajkballard said :

    I wait until the day after Thanksgiving. This way you observe the Thanksgiving holiday. It does not seem like you are observing Thanksgiving if you are already observing Christmas. Also, most people have the day after Thanksgiving off from work & school so it gives you that day and the entire weekend for your family to get everything up. Merry Christmas!!!

  18. Proud mom said :

    I got my christmas lights up outside since the warm weather and not it cold thank goodness I have it done. Other people in town already have lights up outside and one i saw have the christmas tree. Nobody can tell me when to put my christmas tree up since I am single mom of two boys. I had the tree up yesterday but not decorate becase the tree didn’t llok right it look smaller since i moved into a house from a apartment. I took it back down and now I got a bigger one and I am getting ready to put it up and decorate it. Yesterday I ask my five year wanted he wanted to do. He said put up the christmas tree. I do for my kids.


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