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How early should people be able to put up Christmas decorations? What’s the latest they should stay up?

I’ve seen people keep Christmas lights up well into February! And they’re putting decorations up earlier, too. What’s your opinion?

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12 Responses to “How early should people be able to put up Christmas decorations? What’s the latest they should stay up?”

  1. Bryan said :

    December- Early January

  2. nonya said :

    it was a family tradition to start the process at thanksgiving a new decoration the color of the lights on the tree pictures etc. I put up my tree around the 1st of dec. as far as outside decorations i do the simple things on the first but the blow up things and the lights by the 15th not trying to have a high light bill and i take mines off on January 7th because the 6th is the three kings day and i as a Hispanic celebrate it but living in Chicago if the snow is above your knees oh its staying out till theirs barely snow out.

  3. I ♥ Juicy Couture!!!!! ♥ said :

    I always love putting up the Christmas tree and decorations on December 1st-4th with my big brothers! But this year they are going through “that stage” (as my mom calls it) where they don’t want to do anything and they are mean, so I’m probably going to do it with my mom since my dad is at work till like 8:00 at night 🙁 …ok idk why I’m rambling lol… But I want to put the decorations now! lol I want the holiday season to come fast!

  4. Mary Anne said :

    It’s my favorite holiday I put up my tree and decorations on black Friday, (I work retail so it’s fitting lol) and I leave them up till the week before school starts in mid January.

  5. Muffins said :

    I think people should put up/take down their decorations whenever they want. The usual I would say is after thanksgiving-a week after christmas. Anytime after halloween and before february i think is pretty normal, though. if they are up longer, it doesn’t matter. that’s just the persons opinion, and they are entitled to it. There’s no law about what people can have on their gutters.

  6. Jane S said :

    They can go up the day after Thanksgiving, and then they come down on the Feast of the Epiphany-which is when Jesus was revealed to the three wise men.

  7. tamara m said :

    My system is this- external decorations get started mid October if we are entering the lights competition, beginning of November if we are not.
    Internal decorations do not go up until the first of December.

    All decorations come down January 6 or the closest weekend. No later than that.

    we have fairy lights up all year long, but that is because they are solar powered and have been placed to draw attention to dramatic architectural features and trees on our property.

  8. Rawly said :

    For me Halloween gets in the way of a whole extra month I could have xmas stuff up! But I don’t switch to xmas/winter stuff till right after halloween.

    i kinda cheat. I put out a tree at the begining of Oct… however, My “christmas tree” is really a fairly basic 6 ft metal ornament tree in a neutral color. A lot of my “christmas” decorations (bows, icicle ornaments, glass balls etc) have colors often associated with Fall (Bronze, coppers, oranges, some brass/gold tones, browns, etc). So I put as much out as possible that dosn’t scream xmas and add in more Halloween-ish accessories (pumpkin ornaments, leaves, acorns, and the occasional bat or fake spider) and dot various halloween things around the house.
    BUT the day after halloween, all the halloween stuff gets tossed in a box and the hardcore xmas stuff replaces them. (snowflakes, mistletoe, garlands, reindeer, etc… usual stuffs.)
    I usually go till New years… Actually, by then I’m pretty sick of the whole thing and cant wait to get a fresh envionment/decor going. 😛

  9. can't wait for Christmas!! said :

    day after Thanksgiving, our stuff goes up. we don’t get our tree til mid-December, though, or else it would die. and we take them down right before school starts back up.

  10. Courtney [christmas.] said :

    Up right after thanksgiving, down right after christmas. (the 26th for us.)

  11. Somebody Told Me said :

    Oh no, not one of these questions. Already? Okay, fine then.

    A person putting their decorations up or keeping them does not harm anyone so it really doesn’t matter. A person is aloud to put their decorations up as early as they like and leave them up as long as they like. If a person has nothing better to do than complain about someone with their decorations up early/late, that is their problem, not the problem of the owner of the decorations. Unless they are harming others, the people who highly enjoy Christmas should not have to be restricted in when and how they may celebrate just because others do not share their views. END of story.

  12. ♥SportyGirl♥ said :

    You should start by December 15th !
    And end Like January 7th idk !


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