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Why are so many people not having christmas decorations this year?

Here in my small town only 2 to 3 out of 5 people have decorations up for christmas…is this like it in your town? Why has the number of them decreased?

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27 Responses to “Why are so many people not having christmas decorations this year?”

  1. kitnmlla said :

    because people don’t have as much money as before

  2. Kylie G said :

    Yeah it seems weird.
    My family didn’t do anything outside.

  3. Exclusive [♥] said :

    Electricity bill maybe? :]

  4. a said :

    in my CITY, we are all poor and we dont have the money.

  5. BLUEJAY57 said :

    no $

  6. Winter Blah said :


  7. i LoVe EdWaRd CuLlEn said :

    Because noone can afford it

  8. momoneylee said :

    the christmas spirit is slowly dying down for many people
    i still love christmas!

  9. nothin feels right when not w/ u said :

    cuz its cold and people are getting lazy and its not for me peorple put out more

  10. J in NY said :

    maybe because a lot of people are getting fired….?

  11. *Punk* Rocker Princess said :

    same here. maybe since the economy is getting really bad people are trying to save electricity.

  12. Twi-light said :

    Maybe they don’t get paid much at work and are working on saving money.

  13. Hypnotiq said :

    yes nobody really have decorations in my neighborhood. we don’t even have our christmas tree up yet

  14. Hunter's mommy! said :

    trying to save money since things r going down hill merry christmas

  15. DEATH said :

    i just dont want any up

  16. *Linda Tran* (suspended) said :

    maybe they lost the christmas spirit this year.

  17. alligirl said :

    Because of probably the electric bills
    Because all of those Christmas lights take up a lot of electricity

  18. ๏lץ๓קเค said :

    we are all still depressed over the whole Obama debacle

  19. John said :


    my school is pissing me off too we cant have christmas party’s and teachers cant technically say merry christmas they have to say happy holidays

    plus DC is poor

  20. ♥Manda♥ said :

    I dunno. I havent done anything to mah outside but i did on my inside…I tried puttin lights outside but it was raining and i got shocked…..:(

  21. mb:) said :

    yeah, its kinda like that around here.

    but i don even have any christmas spirit. im not excited at all. :I

  22. gotlovee said :

    alot of people are out of the Christmas spirit because of financial issues. plus putting lights up just makes your electric bill sky rocket.

  23. iThrowShoesAtPresidentBush! said :

    lol cause christmas came to faast and people r too busy complaing about how the stupid economy sux!

  24. Sonora said :

    Maybe they are trying to help the environment. Christmas lights uses a lot of electricity!

  25. Revaune E said :

    its either because people don’t have any money or they probably are watching out for their electricity bill.

  26. blueteardrops07 said :

    I believe its because many people are losing the holiday cheer. It could also be they are just to busy. I myself have only managed to put up a tree and thats because last month i gave birth but my daughter came two and a half months early and has been hospitalized for the last month and I just cant find the time or energy to shop, decorate, and take care of her. I still have a 5yr which is why i had to put the tree up.

  27. taurus5339 said :

    Because our economy has done this to us all !



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