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What if I broke up with my girlfriend just so we wouldn’t have to buy Christmas gifts for each other?

I don’t want anything for Christmas, and I don’t want to spend any money buying anything for anyone, so I was thinking about breaking up with my GF so neither of us would have to waste any money on gifts. Besides, I don’t feel that I’m worthy of having a girlfriend in the first place. I have nothing to offer.

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9 Responses to “What if I broke up with my girlfriend just so we wouldn’t have to buy Christmas gifts for each other?”

  1. De raps said:

    Interesting view, but that was a douche bag move. u could talked it out and explained ur concerns instead of the low blow to ur GF.

  2. T.A.D. said:

    Dude just talk to her, explain your thoughts

  3. julian crespo said:

    -.- Sounds like u have something u need to work out

  4. h4ck3r said:

    So why you have to breakup? You can talk to each other and agree, no gifts this Christmas! But, you know it’s very strange, because even a beggar has something to give! You know what I mean? Gifts are not only material things, you can give a lot of love as a gift. You kiss your girlfriend as a sign of love, and it’s a gift. Tnx

  5. RANDY said:

    I am going to be blunt: that is an imbecilic question. Have you ever considered just saying that you didn’t want to do the whole Christmas thing. You no want buy-you no want get-easier for everyone, no?

  6. lalalalemon said:

    she shoulda dumped you a loooong time ago.

  7. Angellover7880 said:

    You’re a jerk.

  8. BlairLuvr said:

    I think you are a troll. Either bc you are just trying to get a reaction from the ppl here at Y/A. Or bc you are a troll in the sense of being a really bad guy who really does want to break up with a woman in order to not buy a gift. If $ is an issue, you can always get some Elmers glue and popsicle sticks and make a hot pot holder for her.

  9. Cap'n Salty Chuck said:

    Only do it if you honestly don’t love her anymore, not because you don’t want to waste $5 on a teddy bear.


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