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How many Christmas gifts do you usually get each Christmas?

On an average.. how many presents do you usually get each Christmas? (For those who do Christmas)
How many presents do you usually get your child/ children each year?

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9 Responses to “How many Christmas gifts do you usually get each Christmas?”

  1. xoxo.cHaRmAnDeR.xoxo said:

    i celebrate with my cousins
    we get about 10 each 😀

  2. naturally hawaiian said:

    i usally get no more than 10.
    and this is the first christmas i get to buy my son presents so idk

  3. =D said:

    lots and lots of em cuz im a giant brat 😀

    no justtt kidding…i dont usually count. not a ton—like one expensive thing then lotsa little things. 😛

  4. Lets Get Fcked Up said:

    I just get 500$-1000$ each year I don’t get presents..but from friends I get about 5 all together and I used to get 20 presents so yeah

  5. ♥Lord Voldemort'ς Daughter♥ said:

    11 😛

  6. Šmûřfiņ & Ĵỗhň ώeζcσmë Ұồu♫ said:

    Well, my parents are divorced so I wake up at Mom’s and open around 10-ish gifts, then go to my Dad’s and get not quite as much, but more useful gifts (because he’s a little less financially perfect than Mother)
    It’s a good time all around. I’d be glad with no gifts because I love being with my family so much.


  7. Kylie said:

    i don’t count them.
    i kinda get alot like every year.
    and i get money from some people so i go buy myself more gifts.

  8. Utah But I'm Taller said:

    My dad usually gets me around 20. I’m not spoiled. Well, I’m spoiled at Christmas. My sister and I never ask my parents for money or random gifts. I even buy most of my groceries. He just loves to spoil us at Christmas cuz we’re good kids. Never done anything majorly wrong. He spends around $350 on me.

  9. anna said:

    I get about 12 to about 20:)):)


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