what can we send for christmas gifts to our soldiers in iraq?

i am sponsering a 6th grade clas to adopt a soldier for christmas, and i needed some ideas to send home with them for christmas gifts.

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9 Responses to “what can we send for christmas gifts to our soldiers in iraq?”

  1. chrismarmymp said:

    Phone cards are GREAT…We all like to talk to our famlies more during the holidays….christmas cards,stamps,pens,paper and anythiing you think is a good gift…..Thank you and God Bless
    Chris Maddy US ARMY Fort Stu GA …..Military police

  2. deutsch/& Irish said:

    Give them something purely American. I would suggest some food, but that probably wouldn’t make it over in a fresh state. You could send them music. A deck of cards, sports balls…
    In the end, pop-up cards, and prayers are the best.

  3. BITE ME said:

    Ok, I went through this with my DH when he was Deployed. I was also a part of the FRG with his Unit. What we did one year was to have the wives make cookies and treats to send to the Unit. We had a day where some of us got together and stuffed Christmas Stockings…filled them with the treats as well as hard candy. Also sent blank Christmas Cards so the Soldier could send a card home to their Loved one. Sent several Christmas Trees for them to put up where the were allowed. Also, made a cloth Christmas Tree and had all of our pictures made into bulbs and we signed the tree.

    Even though this may not sound like much, letters and cards are always a favourite! There are some Soldiers that don’t get a lick of mail…so they are greatful for letters.

    Feel free to email me off here….

    Thank you from ALL the Military Members and their Families!

  4. cfoxwell99 said:

    Homemade gifts from the kids, baby wipes, phone cards, pictures of your class, cd’s.

  5. bluedawn said:

    Some nice home made cards or letters would be welcome.
    Phone cards are great but stationary, pens and stamps would be good too. Maybe some very small stuffed animals with little thank you notes attached to them.
    How about you contact the nearest base & ask them what else you could send?

  6. aarshi72 said:

    y don’t u ask for pray from children for them that they all come back and celebrate this Christmas with their families.

  7. browning_1911 said:

    Damn. I just read your question in its entirity. I was going to say porn. That’s all my brother ask for. Oh, and licquer and hollow point 9mms…. Hmm…
    MM’s are chocolate and won’t melt on the way over. They were created when a Marine Corps. officer noticed his men requesting chocolate. The request was sent out and some little company came up with the idea that could be shipped and eaten straight out of the packaging with semi-dirty hands. Originally it was “Melts in your mouth, not in the SAND”
    You might teach them that. Do you talk about war in the 6th grade?
    Anyway, i shipped my brother several pounds of MMs and he loved them. Consider it was 120 degrees over there.
    You might want to refrain from sending things they can easily get at the Post Exchance. Such as tolietries, etc.
    Consider sending:
    Magazies, Books, post cards to send home. (they don’t pay to send cards home, so don;t send them postage stamps)
    Socks, both sport and work socks
    FOOT POWDER (that’s a big one)
    old cd’s or a cd player that has been lieing around
    more books
    hard candies
    BEEF JERKEY( it trades like gold over there)
    Those cheap disposable cameras. Lots of them

    Anything that 120 degree weather won’t ruin.

    Trust me, don’t send stuffed animals. They’re marines for christ’s sake, they’ll only shoot them. Yeah, seriously.

  8. chickenlegs170 said:

    check out anysoldier.com. the soldiers actually list what they need there. you can pick a few contacts from there and ship to them, they will give packages to soldiers who get no mail or support from their families. i am working on a project as well. good luck and many blessings to you for thinking of them. i have a boyfriend and a son that are both enlisted and will be over there soon.

  9. confused said:

    Bar soap, the exchange where my husband is ran out. Hard candy like suckers. The media doesn’t show that the military has a heart. Soldiers give the Iraqi kids little stuffed toys. I recently sent over a bunch of “Happy Meal” toys. You would have thought I sent my husband a sack of gold. Cards, letters, the kid’s art work, cookies, Chex mix and etc. You don’t need to send stamps, they are in Iraq. All they have to do is write “free” where the stamp would normally go. It will make it back to the US. What ever the class ends up sending will make a soldier’s Christmas much better. Thank you for remembering our troops. Thank the kids also:)
    Navy Wife, husband in Iraq


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