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When do you put Christmas gifts under your tree?

My children are 1 and 4 years old and I want them to believe in Santa, but I get excited and put their gifts under the tree as soon as I get them wrapped. My 4 year old is starting to wonder why Santa didn’t bring MORE presents while he was sleeping Christmas Eve night. Should I wait this year or put some out and wait for the rest?

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11 Responses to “When do you put Christmas gifts under your tree?”

  1. prophet4000 said :

    Christmas Eve

  2. Renee said :

    I would put out a few from you and then on xmas eve all those that go out put from santa on the tag… I also try to wrap my presents from Santas in different paper so the kids dont catch on…

  3. wva_butterfly said :

    I would wait until Christmas Eve to put all the Gifts from santa under the tree… Put things you get them under anytime… Like clothes shoes, etc… But your santa packages wait until Christmas Eve

  4. Married Lady said :

    If you want them to believe in Santa then put them out Christmas eve after they go to bed. Make cookies for Santa with the kids help and leave them out.

  5. ladytee said :

    I only put gifts I’m giving to other people under my tree, then I put my four year old gifts under the tree when he goes to sleep Christmas eve….it’s more fun that way.

  6. firephiter2000 said :

    we ALWAYS wait until the kids go to bed and are dead asleep so theat when they wake up, they see presents that Santa broguth to them while they were sleeping. That’s the whole idea………”he knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake….” You tell them that if they don’t hurry and go to sleep, Santa won’t come leave their gifts. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

  7. anonbabe9008 said :

    Christmas Eve, couple hours after children are asleep

  8. buckeyefever7 said :

    WAIT! No wonder he is confused……..Just have to try and wait, it about tears me apart too…So, I have a few gifts wrapped that says Mommy and Daddy, when she asks (she is 3) I say that is because Santa brings your gifts. I do put out other gifts to my husband, mom, dad, brother, sister…….I think you should wait for Santa

  9. Pugilism Pundit said :

    My fiance and I have no children so we already have some presents under the tree we put up Thanksgiving night.

  10. RowerGirl said :

    I would put a couple out and save the rest. That’s what my parents did when I was that age, because of course some are going to be from the parents and not ALL from Santa. So the ones from you can go under now, and the ones from Santa can wait until later. I would find it a bit fishy if I were that age and all Santa’s gifts were out weeks or days before he was supposed to come!

    I used to put all my gifts under the tree as soon as I wrapped them. But now I live with my bf and he shakes gifts and things and always figures out what’s in the package! So I have to keep them hidden until Christmas Eve. ;o)

  11. sue said :

    i only put the presents for friends and family under the tree the rest santa has to deliver!!!!


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