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when do you start your christmas shopping? i Just started picking up a few things this weekend is it to early?

my husband thinks its is to early but I have 7 nephews to buy for and 2 cousin . i had got really good deals pajamas for 1 dollar at walmart I couldn’t find pajamas cheaper then that

Does any one else start the shopping this early?

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11 Responses to “when do you start your christmas shopping? i Just started picking up a few things this weekend is it to early?”

  1. Lionheart ® said:

    Not anymore, but I once picked up some gifts on Dec. 23, for the next Christmas.

    They were sale priced!!!

  2. deRobertis said:

    Around now is when I start looking for deals. If I find something that’s really awesomely priced and I know who I want to give it to, then I buy it. I normally start the bulk of my Christmas shopping in late October.

  3. ssandydem said:

    best time to start shopping is the sales just after christmas for the next year. if u r hand making gifts like quilts the sooner u start the better to give u time to finish. with that many to buy for, starting early makes sense as u can budget 20 dollars a pay toward gifts and not have to run out last minute and fight the rush; though there is always one person forgotten… usually the newest member of the family lol… besides the best deals are through the year when shopping is low. your husband probably only shops for u and only one gift makes last minute no problem for him he has no clue on budgets and how to shop… he gets an idea of what he wants goes to the appropriate store gets the one item with no care that someone has better or cheaper… make sure to ask the parents if item x is already in their possession so u don’t double up. or for any helpful ideas. i always asked the parents to get the kids to write up a wish list then split it among the buyers. that way they can pick an item or two depending on price, etc, and the kid gets a nice variety of stuff he actually wants… enjoy shopping… just don’t forget where u put the purchases lol hiding the gifts from the kids year to year gets hard as they know the last few years hiding spaces lol

  4. xmaslvr said:

    I have, but that’s because I work retail and don’t want to deal with the crowds after dealing with them all day at work. I like my holidays to be as stress free as possible. I just received some of my online purchases yesterday to kick start my supplies for decorating . I’m trying to get more organized this year so that I don’t go overboard on the shopping. When your teenage son says “MOM YOU WENT OVERBOARD” then I know that I can cut back a little, or he’s just growing up and thinking about finances.
    So tell your hubby that there are crazy people out there that actually do start early to get all the good deals and all the great things that sell out during the holidays.

  5. BunnyBear said:

    i start on black friday but if i see something that i know someone will like i just have to get it now 🙂

  6. Louise C said:

    September is the earliest I can start to take any interest in Christmas shopping. This time of year I am just enjoying the beginning of summer and looking forward to the summer holidays, I can’t get up any enthusiasm for Christmas shopping at the moment.

  7. Stormy said:

    Nah, that’s not too early. My mom has been known to pick Christmas items up for me as early as February – even before my March birthday! If you see something you know someone will love, what’s the harm in getting it now? You may forget about it later, or it may not be available anymore. Just find somewhere safe to store it until December.

    I used to start my Christmas shopping between August and September, and my goal was to be finished by Halloween. I only managed to keep that up for a few years after high school, though. My life got too busy after that!

  8. J Madison said:

    Hi Deborah, I start my Christmas Shopping in July because I hate the holiday shopping rush.

  9. Maralee said:

    Like you I have gotten a few things.I even have them wrapped and tagged and in plastic bags to keep dust off. But in September I make a trip to all the store out lets and get some rally nice things at very good bargains !

  10. Anna Graham said:

    I catch sales all through summer..

  11. Brie said:

    Well it’s just whenever ,in our family.

    If it’s a great deal,why not? i mean your going to have to buy something anyways and it just makes it a little less hectic around Christmas 😉


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