What are you getting your boyfriend or girlfriend for Christmas?

I only got 3 answers the last time I posted it wtf. Girls, what are you getting your boyfriends for Christmas? Guys, what are you getting your girlfriends for christmas? If you don’t have one, what are you getting your friends and family for Christmas? I am getting my boyfriend a plant (he’s really weird and likes plants so I am getting him one he likes and NO it is not a weed plant even though I’m sure he wouldn’t mine having one lol) and some cologne.

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4 Responses to “What are you getting your boyfriend or girlfriend for Christmas?”

  1. Rookie said:

    im not getting him anything and he wont be getting me anything. he thinks christmas is too commercialized, plus im broke.

  2. Tina S said:

    gifts are necessary ,but i think what things as a gift is really so important ,
    in my opinion ,a practical thing is really good ,so i think you had better buy some shoes or clothing or jewelry or hats or handbags or others that could make our gf or bf remember you once they used it .
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    hope i have give you a good answer

  3. Abbbbbbbbey said:

    me and my boyfriend have been together almost a year and a half;
    I’m getting him an ipod (which he’s wanted for awhile) and putting a bunch of songs that are significant to our relationship (a bunch of love songs and songs that we have memories with)

  4. green fairy said:

    ahh i wish i knew what to get him. i’m thinking a band shirt, but i already did that for his birthday… i’m definitely getting him the dark knight dvd (i think every guy loved that move haha) but i want something else to go along with it… i might just get a poster made of pictures of us.


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