What are some good ideas for Christmas gifts?

I am wondering of some good ideas for a Christmas Gift for my girlfriend. We are both 16 years old and we have been together for 3 months. It has been love at first sight and I love her so much 🙂 I want the gift to be romantic and special. Any ideas? Thanks

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  1. Little NYC Princess said:

    Get her a gold nameplate necklace. I loved it soo much when my bf got it for me! Get here either full out gold, white gold, or gold with diamonds. I would stay away from silver, as it rusts when water gets on it.

    You could also give her a ring with her birthstone on it. It can also be gold. I have one with my birthstone, thats gold, and has a few diamonds on it.

  2. Kelly said:

    I would get her a box of chocolate’s + a stuffed bear and put a giftcard to her fav.store in the hand of the bear..

    Im sure she will love this gift.. I actually got this from my BF and i loved it ♥
    Hope this helps

  3. Chris said:

    Take her on a hot air balloon flight to see your town…and you is a very special way.

  4. Devin:] said:

    A nice neckalace,then put it around a large teddy bear, and tape a rose to the teddy bears hand:]

    my brother did this one year for his girl friend and she loved it

  5. Allen said:

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  6. Branden said:

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