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Are you required to acknowledge receiving mailed Christmas gifts?

For example, if you receive a gift today (more than 2 weeks before Christmas), are you required by etiquette to call or email or something saying you got it, then send a thank you card after Christmas… or is the Christmas card after Christmas sufficient?

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11 Responses to “Are you required to acknowledge receiving mailed Christmas gifts?”

  1. Carol L said:

    I always send thankyou cards after christmas and if you are close to the person,also call them on christmas morning

  2. Christine said:

    I don’t think it really makes a difference..either way would probably be fine..

  3. Anie-ish said:

    Are you talking about a generic card after Christmas (with your family’s picture or whatever) or a thank you type card? If it’s a thank you card then you are fine, there is no need to let them know twice that you got/liked it.

  4. Jennifer said:

    Call them now to let them know it got there because you don’t want them waiting 2 weeks worrying if it got there. Whether you choose to open it up at Christmas though is up to you.

  5. mrsd said:

    Yes, let the sender know the package arrived, even if you won’t be opening it until Christmas,

    You could say something like “THe UPS man brought a package today and we are waiting until Christmas morning to open our gifts, but I wanted you to know it arrived,

  6. Old Mister Happy said:

    Send the card after Christmas. If people are concerned about whether you received the package, they should pay for the tracking # and check online whether the package was delivered or not; or call you to make sure you got it. You don’t have to notify them, unless you just happen to be talking (or messaging) and then you can mention it. In other words it is necessary to notify them that you received it, but it isn’t inappropriate either.

  7. davya85 said:

    I would personally like it if someone would just tell me they received it. With the mail being so busy with the holidays, packages may be lost or stolen, and I would want to be assured that neither of those happened.

  8. tashah b said:

    I would just send one thank you card. By mail. Emails are tacky and impersonal. I really think the notice to let them know you received it should be used as a chance to say thank you. Otherwise you’d be saying thanks twice, which is unnecessary!

  9. oldernwiser said:

    I received a very nice gift in the mail yesterday from someone I don’t see often. My thank you note went out in the mail today and I will call him tomorrow. It is always proper to thank someone immediately for sending you a gift. Why WOULDN’T you want to thank someone for taking the time and money to send you a present?

    If you don’t like writing proper thank you notes, send an email, or call them; BUT THANK THEM and don’t wait until after christmas.

  10. Richard B said:

    A thank you note sent promptly after Christmas will do for this. That way you’ll be acknowledging receipt of the item and have a chance to mention it and how lovely it is in your thank you note.

  11. Fran said:

    It is best to call them or send them and email/card to say that you received the gift and thank you, otherwise they might worry that it got lost in the post and feel they have to ask if you got it.

    Then send another thank you or call them at or after Christmas when you have opened the gift:)


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