What are some good Christmas gifts for under 20$ each?

I have lots of people to shop for this Christmas and I was wondering if anyone had any low priced gifts for the up-coming holidays.
Help is greatly appreciated!!

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6 Responses to “What are some good Christmas gifts for under 20$ each?”

  1. Master Ted said:

    Pictures of yourself or family and friends, um candles, How much people are we talking?

  2. K-Dizz suspended but Great Sex said:

    i always go with gift cards. they never fail. not only do u not get them crappy gifts, but u let them decide what they want with the resources u give them

  3. Roger said:

    Starship has a pulsating,electrofying,gyrating ejaculating flashlight for 40 bucks uses 5 d batteries

  4. Proud Mommy to Madalyne Grace! said:

    edit pics in a photo editting prgram like on picnik.com, frame it and gift it!!!
    You can purchase gift certificates on restaurants.com worth $25, costing you around $10

  5. Jessica M said:

    this dress is really cute from urban outfitters and is only 20 pounds. i don’t know how much that would be in dollars but i’m guessing less and usually things sold in england are generally sold in america too.

  6. Sarah said:

    Im totally broke this year 🙁 So for the ppl who are just getting small gifts from me I’m sending this custom box of chocolates (im using letterboxchocolates.com), but im sure there are a bunch of diff ones out there.
    the one i found has a bunch of diff designs and you can type your own personal message to be put inside the box, so it doesnt seem so impersonal – i dont know, i thought it was a nice idea (and the boxes are so cute!) and its £9 each including shipping – can’t really beat that.
    or what about a decoration for the tree?
    good luck!


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