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What are good Christmas gifts for my best friends?

I am a freshman in high school and I have 5 BEST FRIENDS. (All girls) I am totally stumped. I have no clue what to get them for Christmas. (I feel so bad!) I would like to spend at least $15 on each of them. Does anyone know of a fun, meaningful gift that everyone would like?
Happy Holidays!
What a coincident, I think that one of them is going to make all of us shirts. Thanks though!

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6 Responses to “What are good Christmas gifts for my best friends?”

  1. Wagen said :

    You can make them all a Christmas sweatshirt for $15 or less. See instructions below.

  2. Mama Jazzy Geri said :

    Many years ago when I was in school like you I treasured my friends as you do now. It is so nice if you can give each girl something that they can keep that reminds them of YOU. So when they use it it brings back memories years from now.

    How about going to the craft store and getting some “memory bead wire” and beads plus some beads that come in the alphabet…you can spell each girls name in beads along with the plain beads that cover the rest of the wire.
    The wire you need is called “memory wire”. You bend one end of the wire string the beads on and then crimp the other end. It wraps around your wrist in a coil. So test it on yourself first. Wrap it around at least 3 1/2 times then cut with wire cutters. It won’t cost you a lot and after you get started you can even sell them. It is a great hobby and something you created. There are nice booklets also that show you how to make them.
    Happy Holidays and best wishes,
    Mama Jazzy Geri

  3. Ann B said :

    These are PERFECT — I bought them for my friends a few years ago and they have asked for them each year since. They are cute, unique useful and more importantly AFFORDABLE! They are having a sale for the holidays and they ship quick.

    I have also given them to friends, teachers and used them for secret santas. Here is the website:

    Good Luck!

  4. Robert H said :

    Do they like to play online games..? Since online games are popular among teens and tweens a Game Card from would make the perfect gift for your teenage friends.

    It will be fun as it gives access to 200+ online games.

  5. gharson said :

    cash, gift card, make something creative, underwear (haha just kidding)

  6. Amy said :

    Give your friends flowers along with little chocolate muffins
    They would definitely like that and its cheap too
    Also you can save money with the help of beneficial discount coupons that are offered by this website for free.
    So just take these coupons along with you


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