How will you pay for Christmas gifts?

I know that most of us live from paycheck to paycheck. I manage to save a little, but when taxes, Christmas, birthdays, etc.come up it really throws a wrench into my budget. I may have to get out the old credit card this year. How are you going to pay for your gifts?

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10 Responses to “How will you pay for Christmas gifts?”

  1. undyingrage said:

    I use my credit card and pay it off when the bill comes in. I save up prior to and set a limit.

  2. Tyler S said:

    credit card, and then maybe work a little overtime at my job for a couple days to make up the difference. thats all it takes (or buy really cheap gifts lol)

  3. abfabmom1 said:

    I don’t have a credit card, so I will use most of the paycheck that I’ll get in mid-December.

  4. tweetie545 said:

    I’m going to put money away ahead of time, So, I have the money saved up for when it’s time to go shopping.

  5. mad cat said:

    credit bills beans rice and gas

  6. Jack said:

    I use money. I’ve decided to quit with the credit cards. I’ve been under that for too long. Make a budget. Save over time. Pay stuff off. That’s my new plan. So far it’s working. I’ll be out from under the credit card soon.

  7. Ionforce said:

    The best way I have found is to buy things throughout the year or after September and put them back so I can pay with cash or buy after Christmas for the things for my immediate family and for their birthdays. This helps for me to get presents for my daughter for her birthday in February.

  8. Proud mom said:

    I did that for years live paycheck to paycheck and my youngest SSI check. I was laid of from worl this past february. I have diability and have to get mistreat when I work. I apply for disability and my oldest son. We been approved. I got two bigs check in September. The money been half gone with bills car fix and of course christmas. I got my christmas shopping done and this year my boys are getting little more than before..

  9. peppersham said:

    I figure my entire budget for dec. and only spend what I have allocated.I simply shop within the amount.I do homemade gifts for some buy for some and others get cards.After Christmas I am happy.I own no one and most of the time I get great gifts because I must put though and effort into it and everyone has a great Christmas.My budget this year is $200.00 for 9 people.And yes it can be done I did the same last year.Merry Christmas!

  10. Bruce T said:

    A secret Santa system works well for many families (everybody gets one gift). Many homes are too cluttered with household items and clothes anyway so the secret Santa system helps with the clutter and saves $.But families still get to celebrate Christmas. It also helps when family members are gracious about gifts (and don’t demand really expensive items). OK, socks and ties are “common” but at least they are worn (unlike a lot of useless gadgets that end up in the closet). You can also save $ by giving ppl new, unused stuff that you already have. This year, mom is getting a nice 100% wool scarf from England that has never been worn.


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