How much did you pay to have someone decorate your house with Christmas decorations?

I have a lawn business, and I am thinking about doing Christmas decorations so my help has something to do during the off season. Do you know how much people are paying to have their homes decorated with Christmas decorations? Is there even a demand for this kind of service and for other holidays? Thank you for your input.

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5 Responses to “How much did you pay to have someone decorate your house with Christmas decorations?”

  1. Daisyhill said:

    Only the VERY rich pay for this…and then it is done by specialist companies. You might be better approaching business’s and offering them a service. Families…even the rich actually enjoy decorating….those that pay do so because they want theirs to look totally stunning and designer….and the company also provides a choice (vast) of decorations and trees… you would be getting into some big expenditure to set up.

  2. Goldie6669 said:

    I think that’s really sweet you are looking out for your employees in these hard times. However I always thought part of the fun of the holidays was decorating the house. I’m not sure there is a big demand for that kind of service. Then again, senior citizens and rich people are always looking for hired help with the easiest things…

    Good luck to ya!!!

  3. Pip said:

    I wouldn’t pay someone to decorate – but I would certainly pay someone to put it all away and clean up.

  4. cathy said:

    Are you you in an area that has received lots of snow?..maybe you could clear side walks and driveways, especially for elderly people.

  5. Happy Mew Year! said:

    Well it really depends on how big the house, yard is and how much decorating is being done. I’m sure there’s LOTS of people that would rather have someone to the stringing for them – elderly people or just those that can afford the expense and would rather do other things with their time or just don’t want to be up on – or own – high ladders.

    I have an accounting/bookkeeping biz and one of my clients is a window cleaner. During the holiday season, since he has the tall ladders needed to get up to roofs and employees that aren’t afraid of heights, he adds stringing lights on houses to his services. He just charges an hourly rate for the labor. If it’s just him doing the work then I believe he was only charging about $30 an hour. When he had several of his crew he’d charge quite a bit more since they obviously can get it done a lot quicker plus he has the expense of paying those people. I was going to have him come out and put lights on the upper eave of my house and gladly would have paid him $50 to do that even if it took less than an hour.


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