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When should I start buying Christmas gifts?

Consumers are not buying much right now because of the economy being so bad. So should I buy them now? I heard that December is supposed to be the worst month for shopping since the great depression because prices will be so high… Should I start shopping for Christmas gifts now?

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9 Responses to “When should I start buying Christmas gifts?”

  1. Chyna114 said:

    on black friday

  2. julie a said:

    nah i would just leave it till xmas eve and you should get a bargain!!!

  3. 123melb said:

    after thanksgiving because then there are more sales

  4. quty said:

    u should no

  5. "smOothIEqUEEN" said:

    Oooh Black FRiday!!!!….ah, gotta love the holidays:)

  6. bleacherbrat34 said:

    back on Jan 02,, just before inventory clearance for all stores. that is when you get the real deals.

    I am all done,

  7. hrhcara said:

    I shop year round. I’m sure there will be some pretty good deals before the holidays.

  8. Al said:

    unemployment will probably be at 10% by then, I’d say save your money for harder times ahead, its time to unspoil our kids and face reality.

  9. cbjack said:

    2 weeks before Christmas. The price reductions will be in full force but the selections will still be good.


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