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Do you think I should start christmas shopping early?

should I go christmas shopping early just to get it over with?

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22 Responses to “Do you think I should start christmas shopping early?”

  1. Niza said:


  2. lucy02 said:

    Yes, you better go quick before all the good stuff is gone.

  3. Alicia W said:

    Yes. Get it out of the way before the stores get crowded. You will be less stressed!

  4. clwkcmo said:

    NO! Wait until the last day and reap the benefits of slashed prices. BTW, you probably should go ahead and purchase mine now, you will have a much better selection.

  5. Jo. said:

    Well if your like me and have loads to buy for not enough hours in the day, always leave it to last minute and then dont end up getting what you wanted to get people because they’ve ran out of stock, hate the crowds and everyone else who has waited until 24th december, hatewrapping so therefor leave it in the carrier bags and give them out that way then No wheres the fun in that!

  6. God'sStrength said:

    Yes, and I want another Playstation 2 will you get me one for my Christmas Present? My old one is broke. Just E-mail me and you can ship it to my address. I’ll give you my shipping address when you e-mail me. I know you probably won’t get it for me. However, it’s worth a try!

  7. JD said:

    sounds like an easy answer to me–yes! it’s always recommended to go shopping early, unless you enjoy the stress and inconvenience of going late!

  8. Amanda M said:

    I know lots of people that do! It works really good! I would if I wanted too! Its a very good idea!

  9. Sexy BAbe said:

    yea do it so it can be more economic for you, once the season started prices will go either up or down, but you never know

  10. BH said:

    You should do what you want to do in that regard. However, the earlier you start the more choices you’ll have and be less likely to be running around at the last minute looking for something that “will do”.

    I pick up things all during the year that catch my eye for friends and family…then do the bulk of my shopping in Nov/Dec.

  11. mellow said:

    yea go for it

  12. Known said:

    no not now coz on chrismas u have spacial discounts

  13. cherryvalley2006 said:

    yes it is a good idea

  14. Truely Happy* said:

    Sure it will give you a head start on the best gifts and get the hastle out of the way. There’s nothing worse than shopping for those last minute Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve.

  15. Juanita H said:

    I would start now. Some people don’t have a lot of money to buy gifts, so they start in January and buy a few each payday. If you wait til Dec. then you have all the crowds to push thru, and less of a choice. I know people that go to the after Christmas sales and get presents then so they can get nice gifts for a reasonable price.

  16. Black Kat said:

    I say shop online and have it delivered. There is little to no stress.

  17. george p said:

    if u have someone to buy presents why not

  18. norm s said:

    you mean you havent started yet?

  19. Becky F said:

    yes i started so that way it is not so hard on the pocket book to wait till last minute for i do not have a credit card. ( great way to get into money trouble)

  20. caniac_girl_12 said:

    Yeah, that would be the smart thing to do. So you dont have to fight all of those people for stuff for christmas

  21. smashing♥♥ said:

    yea well i think you should because then when you go shoppping at christmas time ull spend moree money if u buy it all at once and if you start now little by little you wont use as much money at once.

    but..i like going shopping durring christmas becuase it puts me in the christmas SPIRIT


    oh how much i love going christmas shopping at 9 with my parents lol

  22. fried_twinkie1 said:

    I can only tell you what I do: I shop early to de-stress my life. I tend to wrap the gift right after I get it because another major stressor for me is having an evening where I spend hours wrapping gifts. No more. The only advantage of waiting is that more merchandise is put out at holiday time, but so what? If you know what people want, get the gifts ahead of time so when you walk through a mall, you are doing it for the fun of it. Listen to the Christmas music; see the decorations; have a hot chocolate. Watch everyone rush around and know you won’t have to do that!!!!!!


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