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When should parents stop buying large christmas gifts for their children?

I have noticed, after the age of 20, I started to receive little gifts like toiletries at Christmas, as opposed to larger gifts when I was younger.

What age should parents stop buying larger gifts for their adult children?

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21 Responses to “When should parents stop buying large christmas gifts for their children?”

  1. pat.moor said:

    As soon as they are 18 or leave home. Then the grandkids come and it starts all over again with them. It is all good though. love the grands

  2. Drampor said:

    When they die, then you get the whole enchilada!

  3. mikk said:

    Probably about 18 to 20 or when they are old enough to buy them for their selves.

  4. tbo said:

    when they finish college

  5. nino said:

    It depends like what do you give them do expect a car I dont mean to be mean I dont know what you want but finacially they give what you want and what you give your an adult now so they dont want to give you everything to but they might not be able to afford it all there just mean parents.

  6. Terri said:

    Whenever the parents feel like it or whenever the kids request smaller gifts.

  7. Flo-Jean said:

    If parents can afford to keep up the tradition in their family do it.
    I am a parent. I have two grown sons. One is married. One is not any more. No children. I give the same to them as if they were home. I would ask the girls what they wanted.
    If they both would have children my grandchildren, well each of my children and their wives would get one gift each, because the grandchildren would get gifts all from Santa.
    My boys and their wives, might get two gifts each. There is NO Age Limit on your children’s gifts at Christmas. It is tradition. Now you have to find out what your family’s traditions is if your are getting small gifts.

  8. !*!*!Cecelia!*!*! said:

    When the kids have kids!

  9. wildlivesinmygarden said:


  10. undercover angel said:

    that’s like saying when should parents start spending more money on individual gifts.size as is money should never matter. Jesus accepted the song from a lowly peasant child.Compared to the gifts from the three wise men.Its the thought that counts. many will go with out this yr. consider your self fortunate.

  11. mj_violaceous said:

    It depends on the family. Your parents probably stopped giving large gifts at 20 because that’s when their parents stopped with them, so they think it’s the right way to do it. My parents still give me large gifts in my 30’s but it’s not necessarily a good thing because I don’t feel motivated to save for those extras. Anyway Christmas isn’t just about the stuff you get, right?

  12. that indian chick. <3 said:

    why you not getting big presents anymore have to do with kids? sorry confused.
    to answer youre question, not really. kids can’t afford big presents and they usually wait till christmas to get them. once your in college or out, they should stop because the “kids” should be able to work and get things they want themselves.

  13. Peepin it real said:

    It should depend on needs and finacial means…..if you have the money why not buy your adult child the 300 dollar cappicino maker they were raving a bout Or a new paint job for their car

  14. sdkidduran said:

    I don’t think age should play a factor on what adult children get from their parents. Christmas is about being with your family not how large or small the gifts are and when you were younger, things were not as expensive. Just be happy that they are still around to give you a gift.

  15. taha said:

    they should not stop

  16. berry said:

    When the children reach the age of 16

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  18. Denali said:

    It heavily depends on the family and the financial situation of the parents and the child(ren). Although my boyfriend and I are financially well off, both set of parents will spend a decent amount of money on gifts for us because they know we will never spend that much money on ourselves. I know for my parents, it’s their way of saying, “I’m still your parent, I will help you live a happy and comfortable life for as long as I live.”

  19. Ashleigh said:

    Well for LARGE christmas presents, I would say about 13. When they’re 13 they generally just want money or techy stuff.

  20. scarlet said:

    Some of these responses are horrible!! My answer is never. How hurtful! If you are close family and the child is used to it, this could send a hurtful message to them. If you simply can’t afford to give a large gift (whatever it means) better to phase it out or explain the money situation. Since when does age mean a child (no matter the age) stop receiving what they consider a “large” gift. large doesnt need to mean expensive, and so what if it is if you can afford it? No one is EVER under obligation to get an expensive gift. Why would a PARENT suddenly stop giving a “large” gift just because they’re child turned a certain age? That’s like asking, what age should I stop celebrating my anniversary with my spouse!!!!!!! Ridiculous is what it would seem to me. If my parents stopped giving me gifts, I would feel hurt. It’s not about the money, but the effort. A lot of thought and effort, then suddenly no more effort would send me strong message that they are mad at me or don’t care anymore. not everyone feels that way, but gifts of any kinds, whether words, favors, work etc are wonderful. I also give gifts to those who I want to give to. I never expect from someone I’ve never received from. Close family is different. Close family should feel they can give large gifts indefinitely. Whomever even asked this question needs to strongly look at what it would do to their kid if it was stopped with no explanation. What exactly do you mean by large gift?? A pool, a house? Love for my children never expires and part of that love is wanting to give gifts of all sizes. Read the 5 love languages and you’ll understand

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