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When should my family start watching christmas movies?

my family loves christmas, when is a good time to watch christmas movies?

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7 Responses to “When should my family start watching christmas movies?”

  1. Britt D said:

    traditionally, after Thanksgiving.

  2. HFIO said:

    December cause then it’s less than a month and you can get all excited 😀
    But if you want to watch them sooner – I, personally wouldn’t watch one sooner then a week before December, cause then it’ll be only a week until you can start your advent calender :D:D

  3. New England Babe said:

    Whenever you want but in our family with a 6 yr old and a 2 yr old around we try to hold off until Thanksgiving night. They get so excited and almost overwhelmed. We really try to make November about giving thanks and the only talk about Christmas is the charity we decide on to teach them to be thankful for what we have and helping others.

  4. Grace Marshall said:

    When the christmas boot comes out in the malls, usually thats around the time when people get into the real christmas spirit.

  5. christine s said:

    same!! my family starts watching them the week of thanksgiving because that is when ABC Family starts their countdown to the 25 days of christmas. i have already watched a couple christmas movies alone 🙂 but my whole family wont start untill the 21st of November

  6. Christmas Movies said:

    I usually start watching them the day after Thanksgiving. I absolutely love Christmas movies/decorations/music, etc but I worry that if I start too early I’ll get tired of everything by the time Christmas rolls around. ABC Family is starting its Countdown to Christmas on Nov 21 but Hallmark will start showing Christmas movies on Nov 13. Here is a great schedule of Christmas movies scheduled to air on various channels (color-coded by channel):

  7. snapcracklepop said:

    haha most people start like after thanksgiving but my family loves christmas too and we’ve already watched a couple:)


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