How much should I spend on christmas gifts per person ?

I’m going to London this christmas to visit my family , I need to know what the average is to spend on a gift . We rarely get extravagant things . Like small knick knacks or cool stationery ,a nice scarf . That sort of thing .
How much money should I spend per person ? I have 4 cousins ranging from 12 to 21 and erm our Nanny my 2 aunts and 2 uncles and my Grandaunt .

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10 Responses to “How much should I spend on christmas gifts per person ?”

  1. J said:

    If its nothing extravagant I would say 15 to 20 dollars

  2. George Unagi said:

    nothing over 20 dollars

  3. Amy said:

    I think small gifts that are well thought out and meaningful would be appropriate- I’d say around 20 bucks a person- remember it is the gesture that counts not the money you spent. I’d rather have a 10 dollar gift that I know someone picked just for me than a generic 100 dollar one!

  4. little miss chic said:

    nothing over 35 for me.

  5. [email protected] said:

    hello well when you pick something you see for the person it’s for it wont matter how mush it costs…as long as you know they will like it………………

    dont try to eek out your money there will be enuf to go round..

    enjoy shopping and please try not to worry………liz

    good luck

  6. iwish40 said:

    However much you spend is how much you can afford.
    Just don’t go over the top for 1 person.

  7. soccer00707 said:

    10 to 20 dollars

  8. jill g said:

    I try to keep it under or around $20. With your group being as large though, I would say around $10 each.

  9. Amy said:

    Spending 20 dollars each person would be good
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  10. Robert H said:

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