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When should i start hanging up my Christmas Decorations?

I just wanted to know when i should start hanging up my christmas decorations 10 points=best answer thanks so muchh

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7 Responses to “When should i start hanging up my Christmas Decorations?”

  1. rockmusicfreak101 said:

    you should start now, 3 of my neighbors started decorating already!

  2. Bro_thelove! said:

    As soonas December comes or when you feel the christmas spirit my neighbors already have theirs up.

  3. Spekle D said:

    On December 1st! Wait that isn’t today, is it? What’s the date?

  4. ronni b said:

    i always was told to hang them up the day after thanksgiving but you should do them whenever you want 🙂
    i would put them out a little later to avoid them gettting damaged by the weather

  5. heatherr said:

    You should start now.
    I put them up with my mom yesterday.
    I always look forward to it every year.
    It’s so fun.
    We play Christmas music for the first time and we actually bond while doing it – which is what we need considering we rarely get along.
    But I love it.

    Put them up now!
    Actually, have somebody do it with you.
    It can be such an awsome tradition. 😀

  6. Beastyribs said:

    At my house we always have everything up and done by the weekend following Thanksgiving.

  7. fawnberrie said:

    Christmas is a very long season….however it doesn’t start until December 25. Most people assume the Christmas season starts right after Thanksgiving and lasts until December 25. Actually, Christmas starts on the 25th, Christmas day, and lasts until February 2nd. As late as like the 60s, most families didn’t put up their tree until Christmas Eve. That being said, it’s hard to resist the temptation to start early, with all the stores bringing out their Christmas merchandise before Halloween. I’m going to personally try and hold off until December 15th, though I just put out my Advent wreath. You could also put up “winter” decorations: snowflakes, snowmen, poinsettias, etc.


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