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When should people start with their Christmas decorations?

Today’s November 13th. Isn’t it TOO EARLY? Are you being “forced” to be in a “Christmas mood” more than 10 % of the year?
Isn’t this new practice killing what was special in Christmas decorations? Or is it just enhancing our mood towards those days?

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15 Responses to “When should people start with their Christmas decorations?”

  1. Hermione G said:

    I put mine up 2 or 3 weeks before the holiday. I think today is just a bit too early. But what can I say? Some people are obsessed with Christmas.

  2. 2 many haters on here. said:

    Some people but theirs up after Thanksgiving.

  3. Lucy said:

    Im putting My Tree up after the 1st of December

  4. Stephanie Loves Sam said:

    people should put them up whenever they feel like it. personally i put them up around the beginning of November (outdoor ones like lights and stuff). Living in Minnesota, by mid-November there could already be snow on the ground. Heck we almost had a snowday yesterday because the roads were extremely icy. no one is forcing you to be in the Christmas mood.

  5. Rylie said:

    it depends. whenever we get the time to fix our decorations, then we put them up. the exact time would be first week of december of last week of november. =D Im a filipino.

  6. Chloe said:

    I think that people feel bummed out by the economy. Rightfully so. It is a stressful time to be living in, and christmas spirit always always ALWAYS gives us that boost we need. The earlier we put out these vibes, the better we feel.

    So, in a way I dont think its a negative thing. Besides, come January we’re all going to be in the dumps again trying to stick to our New Years resolution.

  7. Redeemed in Christ said:

    We’re putting ours up the first weekend in December.

  8. leftcoastliz said:

    I think some of my neighbors never take theirs down, but it’s a pretty laid-back neighborhood.

    So, do whatever you want to do. Don’t worry. Be happy.

  9. Ċåחådå Ħєяє I Cőmє said:

    Pfft Disney World starts setting up their decorations in August. Seeing that December is just next month, I don’t think it’s too early at all.

  10. nerd_alert5 said:

    its too early, it spoils the excitement of it. i think a week after thanksgiving is a good time

  11. moonapaloona said:

    Ahh…I do mine the day after Thanksgiving…the tree requires a lot of decorating so why only spend one month looking at it. I do it the day after turkey day : )

  12. Caicos Turkey said:

    The Scandinavians might have some excuse, as yesterday was St Lucy’s day. However, they have more sense. I agree that it is far too early for Christmas decorations. Advent begins on 30th November and even that seems somewhat early. My mother believed that Christmas Eve was the time for decorating and that all decorations should be down by Twelfth Night. I can smell the freshness of pine needles now as I think of the excitement.

  13. Adriana G said:

    Nosotros empezamos el 21 de noviembre y terminamos el 2 de febrero, con la tamaliza de la Candelaria. Sí, es muy pronto, pero cuando tengas hijos pequeños lo entenderas (y eso que no somos creyentes, si no imaginate, jajajaja)

  14. *Hoping for a Girl* said:

    Well, everyone’s opinion is different. I don’t understand why people wait until a week or 2 before Xmas to start decorating. Xmas is celebrated pretty much all December long. I love Christmas and like to have things decorated before Thanksgiving to set the holiday mood.
    So, I’m putting my tree up next weekend. I was actually considering doing it this weekend, but I have too much to do this weekend.

  15. Luna L said:

    Traditionally the Christmas tree should be decorated on Christmas Eve, and last for about two weeks after.
    I remember when I was kid, my family used to do it exactly like that, and it makes the event much more meaningful, combined with all other preparations you have to do for the next day – you can really feel that lively, vibrant and merry spirit all around.

    I don’t know, for me having tree decorated on any day, just because you cannot wait would feel little bit silly few days after when I look at the tree and realize that Christmas is still weeks far.

    But, putting a little bit of decorations few weeks before warms up the house.


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