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What is the point of buying Christmas gifts?

Christmas is just around the corner and I have no interest in buying gifts for people. I love to shop, but I have had major financial problems this year. I hate getting into drastic debt or taking myself down to the last dollar each year. It is not only the money issues, but I hate trying to be mind readers with people. I take time and effort trying to find gifts people like and can use, but with some people that is impossible. I just always wondered how often people take things back or use gift receipts. In recent years, I started to give gift cards and people also give me gift cards, but in a way, it is pointless…like everyone is just passing money around. Throughout the years, I also made homemade gifts such as scrapbooks and memorable pictures with nice frames, but I know some members of my family are so cluttered with stuff that they don’t have room to even display that type of stuff. I guess my question is: How do I get my family members to not go crazy with xmas shopping?
How do I just get everyone to participate in the idea of just buying for the kids and not for all the adults? Is it so wrong just to get together with everyone to eat and be merry? I mentioned this in previous years, but not everyone takes the idea seriously. I don’t want to be the only one not giving gifts because I will feel bad if someone gives me a gift and I do not have a gift in return? Please not that I myself am single, so I want to mainly purchase toys for my niece and nephew without buying things for every aunt, uncle, cousin, etc.

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20 Responses to “What is the point of buying Christmas gifts?”

  1. george p said:

    tp keep economy going

  2. bryton1001 said:


  3. sacharose said:

    Talk to them. Pick names so everyone only has to buy one gift. Let them know you can’t go all out.

  4. KK said:

    imaging a day just like any other with no fun! christmas ia about bringing familt together and being happy and giving a few gifts.. it’s fun and makes you happy

  5. Heaven 2005 said:

    You all can pull names. That one you will be buying one gift instead of 20.

  6. pinkygirl m said:

    you can’t stop them.

  7. ~*Sarah*~ said:

    our family did a secret santa one year. you get everyones name down on some paper and you let everyone blindly choose a name. they pick a gift for that person and that person only. that way every one gets something and you dont have to buy for the whole family. make a price max or min and thats it. worked for us. we did $40.

  8. zee zee said:

    don’t buy gifts for them…..and in a couple of Christmases they will stop…………….its the retailers that keep it going anyway.

  9. sebisnoop said:

    i don’t no either. people always spend their money on other people but never on themselves. i guess this is what they call being generous or being “unselfish”

  10. empathy said:

    u buy xmas gifts to show someone you love that you remember and care about them. people dont always like to admit it,b ut people in general like to receive gifts just to feel special

  11. Goose&Tonic said:

    1) Our family is huge so we all just pick one name. Adults pick adults and then pick kids based on the number of kids they have.

    2) Christmas is about the season, giving, and celebrating. You sound as if you’ve completely forgotten that the point of Christmas is to be with family and friends, celebrate Jesus’ birth, and exchange gifts with loved ones.

    3) Loosen up and go with the flow… it is mid-October and you’re already stressing out about it!!

  12. shadowatdustcatcher said:

    Your family members will forgive you, your co-workers will not.

  13. Rachael S said:

    I totally understand. My sisters and I agreed that we would do gifts for the kids but not the adults. So we all like this idea a lot and usually we just give out homemade christmas “goodies” wrapped in pretty tins or personalized baskets. Most of my friends have started doing the same, giving out cookies,rum cake and a christmas ornament that can be homemade too.

  14. Truely Happy* said:

    My family stopped exchanging gifts a few yrs ago. I guess people don’t always realize how difficult it can be to buy for everyone until they go through some financial trouble themselves. Go ahead and let everyone know you can’t afford it and want to only buy for the kids. Tell then not to buy for you. It’s fun, the look on people’s faces when they open a special gift but it’s not the only purpose of Christmas some people forget that. Drawing a name from a hat is a good idea and a lot simpler.

  15. Marie said:

    I like some of the suggestions that you draw names. The adults should do this. If you still want to buy for the children, that should be o.k. However, kids get a lot of stuff and probably can do without a few gifts, too.

    Have you tried or thought about talking with relatives NOW and tell them your budget is tight and you want to limit your spending. Many of them will say, “O.K., you don’t have to buy for me.” They may buy something for you anyway.

    Do you think you can get together (as many that are able), or do it online – and set up “rules” or guidelines, like how much to spend, give a list of gift ideas and whether or not you want to be included this year? Maybe there are other family members who also have tight budgets and may welcome your ideas.

    How about doing a charity project instead? Everyone will contribute a gift to a “needy” family you all adopted. The gifts will be much needed and appreciated and, you will be carrying on the Christmas spirit, too. (you can contact a local church or the Salvation Army for help on this).

    Good luck.

  16. Kyra said:

    Ask that they institute a five dollar gift limit, or have a secret santa so everybody buys one gift, that might be good to have a specific monet amount as well. Or have a gift exchange where everybody bring a generic 5 or ten dollar gift and people take turns picking a random one and unwrapping it, the next person who’s turn it is can either steal any gift from before or take a chance on a new gift, if they steal the person they take a gift from can either steal or take a new gift, but they can’t steal back the gift that just got taken. It adds a lot more fun to the gift giving things and can add hilarity as people go through complex patterns of gift stelaing to get to the gift the want. Also you could give people pies or brownies or cookies in a jar. Get some jar and decorate and fill with a recipe you like, minus the wet ingredients, include two pretty note cards attached, one with the whole recipe and one with direction for adding to wet ingridient to the jar. Try to pick osmething without to many wet ingredients. If you do a bunch you can spend time getting pretty creative with it but still save time overall. Give gift certificates for time if you have it, to babysit for an hour or two or go out for coffee on you (presumably that’s only a few bucks) or something similar. Donate to charity in you family’s name. Get someone an inexpensive CD case and put in some copies of cd’s that they’d like. For that matter if you have books, Cd’s or DVD’s that you don’t want but are in nice condition wrap them up and give them. Gifts don’t have to be new and people who think so are simply greedy, don’t give in to greed! Above all remember a gift is a gift, never an obligation.

  17. Michael said:

    Ebeneezer Scrouge was right. It’s all about blowing money. If your going to get something for a kid I understand other wise all I’m givin is a hug. Except for my in-laws to be and my dad. I just tell people I am not gettin anything for anybody, and the only thing I want is to see everybody.

  18. yo momma said:

    dont you like receiving gifts why not give someone a gift so that they will feel happy. How would you feel if someone “didnt feel like” buying a gift for you then what. Christmas wouldnt be as special if there werent gifts. There wouldnt be as many christian kids because kids look forward to it

  19. lakersfan_4life1 said:

    It shows that u care, especially if u neva get them stuff.

  20. redeemedhart said:

    You shouldn’t buy gifts out of obligation. You should do what you feel is right in your heart. The golden rule says we should do unto others what we would have others do unto us.
    As far as why we give gifts at Christmas, apart from being a Birthday Party, albeit not ours, I’m not sure how it all got started. But I always gave my kids 3 gifts, because that was what Jesus received. I guess it all represents things about Jesus. Like,the fact that Jesus came to save, and salvation is a gift, something that Jesus bought and paid for and GIVES to us.
    That is what it all means to me anyway. I hope you find some answers so you can have a Joyous Christmas this year.


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