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what are so good christmas gifts for a teen?

ok in 13 and i don’t like Kidd stuff so i was wondering what are some good christmas gifts for me.i already have a cell phone pantech duo to be exact a camera hp green camera, Zune,ds,gameboy, psp ,playstations pretty much every thing u can think of and yea i know I’m spoiled. my momma asked me today and all i could said i want to be alive on christmas day.

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3 Responses to “what are so good christmas gifts for a teen?”

  1. Braga said :

    Ffs…Your spoiled as hell..Im 16 and i dont even have a cell phone. My dad wouldnt get one for me because i have a job and i wouldnt pay for one. Waste of money. Money in the bank is what all it matters

  2. Megan said :

    If you really want to help people out, you could ask her to donate to a charity under your name. That’s what I would want anyway. It’s really your call here.

  3. Alexandria S said :

    clothes,gift cards, money,and whatever else ur intrested in


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