What are some good Christmas gifts for co-workers?

I work in a doctor’s office & I need to buy Christmas gifts for three girls in their twenties, the doctor, and the office manager.

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9 Responses to “What are some good Christmas gifts for co-workers?”

  1. John J said:

    gas cards from the local gas station.

  2. hannahmommy said:

    Gift cards.

  3. Shauna said:

    Depending on how much money you are willing to spend is a big part of it, but every one likes Starbucks, give them and gift card and a pound of coffee!

  4. kincaid1 said:

    Candles are my favorite things to give. I’ve also given bath pampering items that the women just loved. (Bath salts, lotions, etc.).

  5. Jim I said:

    Are you friends with the three girls? If so, I would buy a nice picture frame and put a photo of you all in it. Or, what are their hobbies? Perhaps a cookbook… a pass to an art exhibit… a handmade scarf… something that you found just for them.

    For the doctor, I would suggest something for his/her kids. If the son likes baseball, find a neat artifact of a favorite baseball team, and give the kid that. It will show you know the importance of the doctor’s family, and that you went above and beyond.

    As for the office manager… perhaps a lunch out, or a family package – movie tickets, popcorn, candy, pop, etc. Or, I’ve been seeing fruit bouquets – they look like flowers, but are made of all kinds of fruit (see link).

    The main thing is to show that you tried to find something specific to the person. That will mean a lot.

  6. Monica said:

    for the younger ones: gift cards to Starbucks, this is a great gift for everyone really.
    For the doctor-idk, maybe an ornament or something to decorate his/her office….it all depends on if the doctor is a guy or a girl.
    same with the office manager.
    Food basket gift, like full of sausage and cheese; or oranges….you get the picture!
    Or even just a nice card would be ok too.

    Good luck!

  7. sarahz said:

    for the 20 somethings gift cards are great. maybe to a favorite lunch spot around the area, or a movie night basket- get a popcorn bowl, some microwave popcorn pkgs, boxes of candy, maybe their fav sodas and a gift card to blockbuster.
    office manager- nice jar candles are good along with some yummy dip mixes or nice hand soaps.
    the doctor- maybe a plant for his office, a nice bottle of wine or booze, car wash gift certificates, a nice coffee table book of something he likes.

  8. ♥Martini Shake♥ said:

    Small photo albums, magazine subscriptions, candles, gift cards to Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks – hand creams/hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works. =)

  9. Dominator83 said:

    Well Zazzle.com has lots of holiday shops!


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