I need help thinking of good christmas gifts for an 11 mouth girl ?

My school does christmas baskets every year. That means each class homeroom get a family donated by a church and the family members are divided up by the class. I got an 11 mouth old girl and i need good gift ideas. keep in mind they are kind of poor so they also need necessities gifts such as a blanket.

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8 Responses to “I need help thinking of good christmas gifts for an 11 mouth girl ?”

  1. Rod M said:

    Well I guess 11 toothbrushes might help out.

  2. Misz_Sexy said:

    Mabey a game

  3. Myra M said:

    stuffed animals, clothes, mittens, … your blanket idea sounds good, aha

  4. Emo Kid Sammy J said:

    omg she has 11 mouths what happened??!?

    i guess plastic surgery to get it back to 1.

  5. Nitebug said:

    You know a girl with 11 “mouths”? Send me a pic.

  6. Purplefreak said:

    haha i like rod m’s answerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  7. ihaveasexyhusband said:

    I’m assuming that you do mean “months” and not “mouths” and I suggest that you get some clothes that are a bit bigger in age so she can get some decent use out of them as well as clothes that are suitable for next year, like summer clothes.

    Also as you suggested a blanket is a nice idea as well as a cuddly toy.

    What about a few items of non perishable food as well. This would benefit the family as well.

    Good luck.

  8. Amy said:

    warm clothes, nutritious food and other things that can help the girl in growing in better manner
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