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What kind of Christmas gifts to get a teen girl?

My daughter is 13 going on 14 and dosen’t know what she wants for Christmas this year. I was wondering if anyone could give me some possible gifts TEEN GIRLS might be intrested in. Thanks!!!!

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30 Responses to “What kind of Christmas gifts to get a teen girl?”

  1. tiger_lilly33186 said :

    Money. A gift card to a store she likes. Membership to napster so she can download all the music she wants. An MP3 player if she doesn’t already have one. A nice cell phone.

  2. Rachel K said :

    Condoms! 😀 lol No… just playing.. A cell phone. or, maybe an iPod 😉 some sort of electronic. Or, sometimes, just money or a gift card! Thats what teens really want. Being one and all, when i was 13, i wanted a cell phone.. (: hope that helps!

  3. Claudia L said :

    Clothing I am 11 and love clothes I just went to Wet Seal today……..

  4. oh yeah~ said :

    clothes, bags. earrings, cell phones, cameras, laptops, makeup, Tv, MONEY, shoes, perfume, art supplies, im sure your daughter will love these items.

  5. I am the Lamb said :

    clothes. every girl loves clothes.

    if you have no idea just casually hint by asking her questions and pay attention and she will mention exactly what she wants.

    hope that helped.

  6. andee said :

    this is tricky because females teens are so picky
    you could dry getting her perfume, clothes, ipod, camera, laptop, portable dvd player, shoes, beauty products/cosmetics, magazine subscription, watch
    or to play it safe get her a voucher of some sort

  7. emmiegsmom said :

    My daughter is 14 so I will basically tell you her list! lol
    Mall Gift Certificates
    Comforter Set
    Board Games
    Games for her Xboxand Playstation

    Hope this helps!

  8. Jason(Tom Sawyer) said :

    It depends on what “group” your child is in. If shes a goth, get her like something from Hot Topic. If prep, abercrombie or something. Ya know, that type of this. If sports, then get her her favorite ball or something for softball or basketball.

  9. bunnyfoofoo said :

    pretty much all girls like jewelry. You could get her some soap, makeup, or gift cards.

  10. Laura said :

    why dont you give her a government bond thatll develop a hefty intrest over time?
    thats what i dream about every waking moment of my life

  11. smoof60 said :

    as a 14 year old guy, i can say prolly…me lol jk, but really, a really cute, unique outfit, like somethin not a lot of people wear, but dont go extreme, maybe somethin with a touch of french styling

  12. Bomb Squad said :

    well it really depends on what shes interested in. but dont give her something that everyone else will get or have cause it wont be much of a surprise to her. get her something she would of never thought of and something that she would of course like.

  13. skeeter said :

    Clothes, make-up, new decorations for her room. Cell phone, iPod, lap top, CDs or a gift card.

  14. Nicole ~)~ said :

    I’m about to turn 14;;

    Digital camera

    New CD/Movie



    Gift card to Rue 21, Forever 21, Claire’s, etc.


    Wii/Game Console

  15. Jen C said :

    Hmm an mp3 player, books if she likes to read ( the Twilight book set might be good, or the Harry Potter book set), favorite movie dvd collections, perfume, gift card to fav store, jewelry (never fails), cash, itunes gift card for music dls, laptop, maybe a promise to decorate her room, camera, nice shoes, makeup. I hope you get her something she likes!

  16. grey said :

    cell ipod clothes money laptop purses jewelry a spa day dvds giftcards
    music makeup digital camera

  17. Kiki ® said :

    Hi there,

    I am 13 too, so I might have some good ideas. It really depends on what kind of girl she is. I am kinda a girly girl and like designer things, but I dont know what your daughter is into. This is my xmas list so far….

    (note- i already have a cell phone, laptop, and ipod, so im not asking for that, but those are some essentials.)

    giftcards to nordstroms, hollister, abercrombie, juicy couture, sephora, magazine subscriptions to teen vouge and cosmo girl
    a ” coupon” for a manicure, paid for by mom
    new northface coat
    juicy couture tracksuit
    range rover…lol….probley not this year

  18. Lexxy said :

    Well I’m 15.I want a digital camera and spending money.What I would do is give her money so she can go to the mall or where she likes to shop and let her pick things she wants.Either with you or friends.Or she can save it.Oh and like a coupon book with stuff saying like you don’t have to do the dishes today coupon.Make it be creative:)

  19. Megan B said :
  20. jessieloco said :

    A gift card for her to spend on shopping or jewelry. Maybe clothes or stuff like purses and accesories.

    Hope I helped!

  21. Tryx-E™ said :

    Hi 😀 Being a teen girl, there are some really cool things we like


    I dont know her taste, but mp3 players and iPods are nice gifts. And if you already have one, gift cards to iTunes.

    All girls/guys/people like this choice. You can get what you want with it. Teen girls are picky to. Plus if she likes the internet, you can get her cool website gift cards to Stardoll and Habbo.


    Wii, Nintendo DS, and PC games are fun. I totally recommend the Sims 2! It’s addicting and wonderful!

    Other Ideas:
    Lip Smackers (good stocking stuffer)
    Posters (Peace signs are big)
    Concert Tickets
    Movie Tickets
    Fun Quirky Holiday Candy

    Some misconceptions about buying for a teen.

    -When buying clothes and makeup, it better to give out gift cards or make sure you know EXACTLY what they want from a specific store. If you must buy clothes, make sure you have a receipt, certain things may not fit. And makeup should be tried on in samples for skin tone.

    -We don’t like Christmas Sweaters.

    -No Barbies or dolls. Please.

    Happy Holidays and I hope your giftshopping goes well.

  22. hamn said :

    get her something MEANINGFUL.

    Anyone can get their child an ipod, a cell phone, a laptop or such but what does that REALLY mean?

    Get her a nice piece of jewerly- it doesn’ t have to be expensive, maybe a nice ruby necklace, or a pink sapphire ring. It’d be classy, but simple enough for everyday wear, and its something that she’ll keep for years to come, while that ipod is going to be out the door in the next few years.

  23. Shawn John- said :

    1)Barbie In A Christmas Carol-;jsessionid=U4Y234VTMPE5HKC4D3LFAGI?_dyncharset=ISO-8859-1&id=pcat17071&type=page&st=Barbie+in+a+Christmas+&sc=Global&cp=1&nrp=15&sp=&qp=&list=n&iht=y&usc=All+Categories&ks=960

    2)The Christmas Cottage-||243130202d202431342e3939&list=y&usc=All+Categories&nrp=15&iht=n

  24. Pikachuuu said :

    cant go wrong with money or giftcards to her favorite store. perfume or lotions are nice too.

  25. Olivia B said :

    Hi I am 14 and a girl!
    For christmas this year all i really want is small things but lots of them!
    I love abercrombie and fitch, hollister, wet seal etc I want some earings, some books (kate cann, scott westerfield etc) burts bee’s things etc
    She might want a digital camera, a new phone, an iPod etc
    hope i helped

  26. Mana said :

    MP3 Players
    iPod touch
    iPod nano
    iPod classic
    iPod shuffle
    Digital Cameras
    Cell Phones
    Video Games

    This site have many Christmas Gifts for 2008, may be can help you.

    Hope this help.

  27. nesssie =) said :

    alrighttt, im 13 going on 14 too =)

    i know what girls wannnt.
    -abercrombie//hollister clothes
    -cute hats and scarfs
    -ugg boots/mocasins
    -a new phone
    -fish tanks
    -juicy jewlery
    -totes (bags)
    i hope i helped
    xoxo =)

  28. Tia said :

    you can gift her a iPod (classic or nano) , i Tunes, money, Wii, Nintendo, x box 360, ps3, Laptop, Perfume, Makeup stuff and jewelery.
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  29. J & D Products, Inc. said :

    Great gifts for the holiday, at low prices, with drop shipping :

  30. Terry said :

    anything at limited too.
    It is all mix n match
    Like you buy something, then
    you can get something else for free.

    Higher price prevails!


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