What are some good christmas gifts?

Im 11 years old I have like $30.00 i need to buy some christmas gifts for 15 people. What are some good ideas?

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  1. I love JUSTIN BIEBER!!! said:

    I would try to go to the dollar store or the dollar section in Target to look for things that you could get 15 people with only 30 bucks

  2. Iroc24 said:

    At eleven years old, it’s really the thought that counts. I recommend buying a package of blank cds and making personalized mixes for each person. You can design the insert for the case and really make a nice gift.

    If you want to buy something for each person, $2 per person is not going to afford a lot. Walmart is starting to set up their Christmas gifts and I noticed some cheap items, so that might be a place to check.

    Good luck.

  3. Emily said:

    Well i think you should ask your parents or one of your grandparents for an extra 10 or 20 dollars and go to Tjmaxx, They have a great variaty and its not exspensive I love that store. Even if you cant buy everyone a really neat gift at Tjmaxx they also have alot of small inexspensive nice things
    I hope i can help

  4. chocolatier'sdiarysucks! said:

    definately go to the dollar store, you can always find cool stuff that goes with inside jokes or that really mean something to the people at the dollar store,
    i’m gonna be 18 by christmas and i still do most of my christmas shopping there but it’s always extremely related to the person. never thoughtless.

  5. Paul said:

    Check out this top 10 gift list. You might find something.

  6. jimant60 said:

    You might try this site:
    I found some interesting ideas for christmas gifts that I wasn’t even thinking of.

  7. sig said:


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