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What are some good Christmas gifts for a 17 year old girl?

My family is doing this thing where you adopt a family for Christmas and give them gifts. It is a family where there are two little children and the 17 year old girl, and they are being raised by their grandma. She is an african american and that is about all I know. It says she likes clothes, but that’s it. If you think we should get her clothes, from where and could you post some links? What else do you think we should get her? I just don’t really know.

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8 Responses to “What are some good Christmas gifts for a 17 year old girl?”

  1. Bella said:

    Maybe you could ask her what her favorite music is and you can send her a CD player, CDs, and some battaries. Also, if she says she wants clothes, make sure to get clothes that would be comfortable, but look good, and something her favorite color. Also, make sure the clothes are easy to remove stains from. Nothing is more annoying than getting a new shirt and spilling food on it, and it never coming out.

    Hope this helps! -Bella

  2. star_puk said:

    Is there a Hollister store next to you? I noticed how a lot of young girls like to wear that brand.

  3. Briana L said:

    i dont know how much you have to spend but maybe a digital camera. clothes is kind of hard if you were to do that because people have so many tastes but i like to get a certificate to the whole mall bc then they can choose any store they want. hope that helps a little

  4. jazmin M said:

    giftcards [you know the mastercard ones] so she can buy anything she likes at any store…,lotion set,comfy pjs with slippers [if you know her size if you dont buy medium]
    something that is versatile to anyones likes

  5. David D said:

    Maybe a gift card to a clothing store?

    If that’s all it says is “she likes clothes,” I don’t know what else to suggest.

    Personally, I hate it when people pick out clothes for me. Unless they have stellar taste or something but if you haven’t even seen her I don’t know how you would figure out what looks best on her.

    I know the gift card thing is rather tacky because it is similar to giving money and it seems especially weird to give through an ‘adopt a family program…

    Perhaps you could find clothing accessories that would be nice for her. Something to wear with clothing or to help care for it. I’m not coming up with much here… an iron doesn’t seem right LOL, but maybe it’ll trigger something in your head (gotta love brainstorming).

    The only things I could think to purchase for a 17 year old girl when I first saw your question would be a cell phone, MP3 player, or a digital camera but eh, I’m a techie.

    God Bless you for what you’re doing though. I’m sure you’ve encouraged at least one other person to do the same.

  6. niceandeasy said:

    itunes cards always make people happy
    maybe a nice sweater from a popular store

  7. BEX said:

    Personally, I love Abercrombie and Fitch clothing.

  8. evesthatgirl15 said:

    check out this website
    they have lots of gift ideas for teenagers. they even have a few clothing items, maybe you can get a nice shirt to wear for x-mas, with some accessories. good luck!


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