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What are some good Christmas gifts for a 14 year old girl?

I am completely stuck. My daughter is coming home for Christmas this year and I have no idea what to get her. I dont wan’t to get her gift cards or anything like that. Any ideas?

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12 Responses to “What are some good Christmas gifts for a 14 year old girl?”

  1. Estefani Rodriguez said:

    If she doesn’t have one a brand new laptop.

  2. Lunar Dingo said:

    for a fourteen year old girl, gift cards are a better bet than anything else. or just take her shopping with a limit. that way you can spend the day together and she gets something shes happy with. do like a visa gift card or something.

  3. redheadsrockyeah said:

    Well, it depends. What does she like? Does she have newer electronics? Does she have/want and ipod? If she is into reading a Kindle might be cool (that’s what I want and I’m 14). A camera, or cell phone maybe? Or you could get her a gift card to her favorite clothing store. Or you could just get her a visa gift card. Or give her cash. I personally find it more fun opening presents than envelopes with money in it, although I do like both. Have you ever heard of presents where you open a big box and there is a slightly smaller box, and then a slightly smaller box, and so on for about 5 or 10 boxes? I think that would be a really awesome idea if you did get her a gift card. Or really any of these things because most of these items are fairly small. You could just take her out shopping one day for a girl’s day out and get ideas for what to give her.

  4. wildoats24 said:

    What does she collect? Everyone has some sort. Find a rare or limited edition piece and give her that.

  5. Babygirl2008 said:
  6. Ur wastin ur time readin this said:

    I am 14, turning 15 at the end of the month. 14 seems to be the age that everybody gets stuck… heres what I want:

    – DVDs or CDs, but they are specific, I want the Katy Perry CD
    – A Case for my Cell Phone
    – A Ring with my name engraved on it
    – I do want gift cards though.. iTunes gift card and a roots gift card

    Somethings I asked for last year:
    – A Watch (but make sure she likes it, like show her a catalogue with a bunch of watches just sorta askng hey which one do you like?)
    – A Bunny
    – A Wii
    – Sims 3 Game
    – Jewelry Box
    – The Snuggie
    – Table Lamp

    DO not Buy:
    – Clothes, unless she specifically said “I want this sweater so bad” etc..
    – Socks or underwear, unless she specifies
    – Jewelry, unless you know she’ll like it or she specifies
    – Don’t buy a lot of Candy, a little is okay, a lot is not

    A Few more ideas:
    – Books (maybe if you think or know she likes them)
    – Magazine subscription to a magazine she likes to read (I like reading Seventeen Magazine, and M magazine)
    – Posters for a Celebrity she likes
    – Hair clips, elastics, if she doesn’t have a straightener or curler..

    And finally, if none of these help, or if you want more ideas go to:

    And take this quiz, as if you are her, the questions are pretty easy, and it will give you more ideas.

    The Key thing to remember is what she likes, and if you see cute little things that are interesting or different, she may like; get them.

  7. Mike said:

    Some ideas

    ~Clothes from your favorite stores
    ~Blue Ray Player
    ~Itunes Gift Card
    ~Video Camera
    ~Magazine Subscription
    ~Posters for your room
    ~Tickets to a concert
    ~Hair Straightener
    ~Curling Iron
    ~Blow Dryer
    ~Cell Phone
    ~Game System
    ~Games For Your Game System
    ~Nail Polish
    ~Stainless Steel Water Bottle

  8. Ricky said:

    You could make a photo book with photos. Fill it up with pictures from all various memories! It will take a bit of time to put together but will come out really nice. If you go to and use coupon code P20SBV you can save 20%

  9. Brian said:

    How about her favorite photo printed onto canvas? All sorts of styles for kids these day’s. My daughter has a horse which I had printed and she loved it!

  10. socalulu99 said:

    If she lives far away normally, get her a subscription to gift packages. My sister gets them, and she receives one package a month full of cute, fun items.
    The company is called fair ivy.

  11. Andrea Carlson said:

    Having a 14 year old myself I know it can be hard to find something they would like. A site our family uses a lot is Your daughter could put in all the items that she wants with links to the sites and places it can be purchased. Then when an item is purchased it can be marked as purchased so you don’t receive multiple gifts. works really great for our family and friends save the hassle of exchanging lists with people and knowing they are getting just what they wanted. Hope you can find something special!

  12. Gabby said:

    Every teen now wants an iPod, so if she doesn’t have one you ca get her. Flat iron, camcorder, skin cleansing brush or a set of good makeup brushes would be nice too.


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