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When do you start Christmas shopping?

I was wondering when everyone else starts Christmas shopping? I start in September and finish in the end of November I do not go anywhere near stores in December.
They are WAY to crowded and I can not stand crowds

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12 Responses to “When do you start Christmas shopping?”

  1. AbakeLite said:

    Why not in December?

  2. stars_ontop said:

    The early bird gets the gift. If you want to get the best selection, begin your holiday shopping early. Internet stores generally carry large quantities of every item, but even they can sell out. As Christmas draws near, it becomes more difficult to find the exact item that you’re looking for.

  3. eternal said:

    I am on the look out for presents to buy my family and friends all through out the year. You sometimes see just the right thing.

  4. C J said:

    I always start in July, right after all the June weddings are over. I usually finish in early November so I can focus on my holiday cooking.

  5. BlairLuvr said:

    December 26 when I buy Christmas cards and decorations. I do shopping all year round especially if I see something that someone might like. If I give candy, I want it to be fresh so I buy it in November just before Christmas. I used to travel alot and would do some Christmas shopping in Europe. Not enough $ nowadays to go on vacation.

  6. Sandy said:

    I do a lot of my shopping on line with QVC, but I also shop way before thanksgiving because I work retail. I totally agree with you that if I didn’t work retail I wouldn’t get near a mall.

  7. Pretti Gurl♥ said:

    yeah that’s true… but since im not an adult and only a 15 year old… i want until the end of November/the beginning of December.

  8. Heidi T said:

    I start my Christmas shopping at the end of September and finish the second week in December.

  9. Tyler said:

    I shop in December. Online.

  10. Marilyn said:

    I start shopping from November

  11. ♥BEX♥ said:

    Usually i start around sept when the kids have gone back to school after the summer holidays , i get a few things a week (small stuff ) and then get their bigger things nearer the time ,but its never too early i guess.

  12. Christie said:

    my family has a lot of birthdays in nov so if i shop too early i end up getting them something that they get on their birthday and i have to exchange it


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