When do you start doing your Christmas shopping?

I usually start after Thanksgiving…I do my first round of Christmas shopping on Black Friday so I can get some good bargains. lol.

How about you?

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50 Responses to “When do you start doing your Christmas shopping?”

  1. mamamia said:


  2. shopaholic470 said:

    early november

  3. Rick said:

    I usually pick a few things up here and there. But I do most of it right after Thanksgiving when everything goes on sale.

  4. aero_girl97 said:

    If I’m out, and something like: >BAM< it hits me, then I will be like "OMG ____ would love that!" Then I will buy it. But mostly all of my shopping is on Black Friday (good deals, good deals!!)

  5. Sam;*Sports Fan* said:

    Early November or maybe earlier than that coz the prices are still low and whenever I find something “inexpensive” and nice

  6. *Elizabeth* said:

    In two weeks, I’m going to my cousin’s for the weekend. I do this every year and she has a huge mall near here. I will try to get some of my christmas shopping done then. I can’t wait til the last minute.

  7. Phils fan ♥ NL Champs!! (: said:

    Generally October 29th. After I’ve cashed my birthday checks from the day before, I go out and spend it all on my amazing friends and family (:

    One would think it would be terrible to spend all your birthday money on others, but it really just makes me happy 🙂

  8. Chelsea Meow said:

    lol pretty much a week or so before Christmas. Just because In my family we we’re never brought up celebrating holidays (part of my moms side does Christmas the other half Hanukkah and on my dads side Hanukkah so it’s totally split up). When my grandmother was still alive on my dads side we used to go there and it was the best thing ever, but after she died in 2002 we haven’t done Hanukkah or Christmas (well we only did Christmas one year but that’s it) We still did high holidays for my grandfather because he was religious but he died this summer so goodbye all holidays. lol

    ^ lol my life story

    like a week or two before Christmas I go buy something for my best friend, and that’s my Christmas shopping.

  9. jushoney said:

    I normally shop during the year if I find nice things or sales. So I normally start after Christmas is over looking for presents for next Christmas.

  10. ♥gb♥ said:

    NOW!!!!! I START NOW!!!!!!

  11. Scooter_the_fat_cat said:

    I try my best to do it after thanksgiving but i always end up doing it about a week or so before Christmas lol!

  12. Blue-♥-Berry said:

    Actually, I think I’m just going to save myself some money and bake something this year… Though haven’t planned that out yet.

  13. billy billabong said:

    in the january sales.

  14. Momma of 3 Beach Babies! said:

    I start in October, usually. I find some really good deals this early, they actually have super deals at this point in the year. Then, I go the day after Thanksgiving and find lots of good deals.

  15. Jerry S said:

    i start x-mas shopping about the same time you do, after

  16. Mr. Wisdom said:

    Early October is the new early November for me ha ha 🙂

    No, I’m a liar. I’m one of those idiots that do those last-minute shopping the DAY before Christmas. Sometimes on Christmas morning, if the stores are opened…

  17. CO will be blue in November! said:

    Shoot I’m almost done. I don’t like the crowds.

  18. Haley ♥'s her contacts said:

    I’ve already started actually! I’ll use any excuse just to go out shopping! lol

  19. michelle n said:


  20. Jenn Brewers Girl said:

    Greta, oh no! You just made me stress. I need to get moving. I usually start about this time-ugh, that’s where my money goes every year.

    I attempt the shopping after Thanksgiving every year in Green Bay and end up looking like a mad woman after a few hours of that. Darn those deals, and the horrible lines to get them.

  21. Tyler B said:

    when stores start sellin christmasy stuff!!!


  22. Heidi ♥'s Perfect Symmetry said:

    Usually right after Halloween. But I do get a lot on Black Friday, lol.

  23. godrugal2002 said:

    November 2nd

  24. SomeoneWhoNeedsAnswers said:

    Walmart 3AM on Christmas Eve

  25. mykatesmom said:

    Usually around the middle of October, and I get about 75% of it done by Halloween. Then I finish up on Thanksgiving weekend.

  26. Joonya Papi (Mike J) said:

    well im 15 so i don’t really do a lot of it haha

    but i get my cousins, parents and brothers and sisters things for christmas.

    so i usually start pretty late lol. like the 20th of December

  27. ♥SadieJ♥ said:

    I do the exact same thing. It just makes since.

  28. † Rainbow Jo Eckstein '76 said:

    I prefer to do it after Thanksgiving so if something happens I must return the gifts, I’m not stuck with not being able to return them since that places usually only allow you 30 days to make a return ( though some places can be less than that). And I find it easier to shop in stores because if you have to return something, you have a hard time to impossible time trying to do it online.

  29. Kate said:

    my family does ours all year round, whenever we see something on sale or just something we know someone will love

  30. crazychick said:

    I’m 13 so i only buy presents for my brother and parents…. I usually start looking around this time of year….. But i don’t really have to worry about my brothers present, for him i always just sneak in to his room and grab his fav tee or 50 bucks out of his drawer, He goes crazy looking for the stuff and then he opens up a box on christmas to find his missing stuff lols:D……

  31. stacy a said:

    The day after Christmas the previous year. I also shop on Thanksgiving day and the day after.

  32. bambam.kaboosh said:

    after christmas

  33. B.T said:

    Early December!

  34. kaith_pasamba said:

    I actually start just befor christmas eve

  35. luvchoclat said:

    I’ve never started before Black Friday. Some years I start as late as around Dec. 10.

    I do as much as possible online or at Wal-Mart or Target.

    This year our family is on a tighter budget and a cash basis. The online orders will be on credit cards, so I plan to start my online shopping earlier in November so that I can have it paid by Christmas. In past years, I was still paying for Christmas in January.

  36. Dar-E-O said:

    like a week before christmas, i know its the worst time to get them, but i always seem to get good stuff ^_^

  37. joseja25 said:

    this week end

  38. topaz said:

    as of the begining of october

  39. simple3d said:

    well i start at 22 dec… but it may be better at 20 because you might have left something from your list so its better at 20

  40. rune caper said:

    Well when the Christmas stuff gets cheap would be the best time wouldn’t it ? your not gona buy its when it not at special

  41. roadkill ☠ said:

    We are almost done this year….. we actually bought some gifts (niece & nephew) last January when the stuff went on sale

  42. Tiffany S said:

    I am starting right now because time goes by so fast this time of the year. I am doing all my shopping this year on yomili.com to find the lowest prices due to the current economy.

  43. **Mrs. Absentminded** said:

    Before last year, I was a last minute shopper. (I mean…the week before). Last year and this year, I started in mid October.

  44. reshmi said:

    throughout the year or first week of December

  45. Feline05 said:

    This year will be a small (very small) family gathering. So I have been doing shopping off and on since January. I just really wish this holiday would just go away…… 🙁 sorry 🙁

  46. fudge937 said:

    I start Christmas shopping on the first day of December.

  47. fieldhockey_queen16 said:

    I’m just like you.. My christmas shopping starts with Black Friday deals… and i continue to shop from there

  48. i ♥ the PHiLLiES ☮ said:

    ealry november

  49. Ruth F said:

    I would go Christmas shopping on like December 2nd so you dont have to go through tough crowds and when you fianally there is no more people there will be nothing good to buy.So this is why i tell you to go on that date.

  50. gherkina said:

    I usually start thinking of ideas in the summer and then start buying in September/October. If you know what you’re looking for, you can always be on the lookout for a good deal and not end up paying a high price just because it’s advertised as “on sale.” I do a lot of comparison shopping via the internet and regular stores so I can feel confident about getting a good deal.

    …but in the end, I always end up running around for something at the last minute anyway. 😉


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