What are some really cool Christmas and New Year’s traditions to start with young kids?

I love making traditions for my kids. What are some memorable Christmas and New Year’s traditions that I can begin now? What are some of your traditions?

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6 Responses to “What are some really cool Christmas and New Year’s traditions to start with young kids?”

  1. Ashlei said:

    Well when I was little parents started giving us personalized Christmas ornaments to put on the tree every year. We would get them the night before Christmas and put them on the tree. We’ve accumulated a bunch enough to fill the tree. For New Years you can write one thing you would like to do better for the New Year just one making a list is overwhelming and gets forgotten shortly after. Bang pots and pans outside no matter how much it annoyed our neighbors we all counted down til we could run outside.

    Answer mine please 😀


  2. Cam♥ said:

    Bake cookies
    watch movies
    drink cocoa
    donate a gift to toys for tots (if able to)
    drive around looking at decorations and lights
    make homemade ornaments

    My parents have been giving each of my siblings and I an ornament each year since birth. They said that this way when we have a family and are decorating we can have great memories of our childhood 🙂 It’s never too late to start!

    New Years
    Our parents used to buy us some sparkling cider and put some in those plastic wine glasses. Then we all watched the ball drop on tv 🙂 Good times!

  3. k'marie. <3 said:

    Okay, my mom has done this every year since i can remember and i love it.

    She gets us pajamas and we get to open them christmas eve morining every year, and we have to wear them to bed! I know, it sounds stupid, but i love it for some reason!

    If they still believe in Santa, of course put out milk and cookies and carrots for the reindeer. Have the cookies eaten, with crumbles, the milk gone and a bite out of the carrot. Its small, but fun.

    Make sure to sign all the presents from “Santa”

    start some of your own!


  4. john said:

    If a parent does not sit down with their children and watch”It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas” then this should be considered child abuse.This 30 minute cartoon shows the meaning of Christmas.Don’t
    forget the hot cider.
    Learn the words to Silent Night and the traditional Christmas carols.

    Have a bell to ring in the New Year.Have a brief prayer before the new year arrives.

  5. ♥ DD said:

    For Christmas: we always helped mom bake cookies, watch the Christmas specials on tv, go to your local parades, had game nights, had a big Christmas Eve dinner, rode around looking at the lights and everyone’s decorations with our hot cocoa. We always got a pair of pjs for Christmas and we always open that one gift (our pjs) on Christmas Eve. We used to watch Christmas movies before bed.

    New Years- Mom and dad would get us grape juice or sparkling cider and put in those plastic flutes. We would have an assortment of snacks set up on the living room table (crackers and cheese, pretzels, popcorn, cookies,etc.). We spread a huge blanket on the floor and watched the ball drop on tv. Lol truth be told many times we fell asleep before the ball fell and they had to wake us up.

  6. bethanne said:

    My parents used the holiday season to educate us about our ethnic traditions (we’re Puerto Rican, and our family tree heads straight back to Spain). We were born and raised here, but when we were kids, we thought it was really cool that our holiday meals were ‘different’, as in ‘pernil’ and ‘budin’ (roasted pork shoulder, and a bread pudding), and we also celebrated Three Kinds Day on January 1st. Ornaments with the year added on are expected, and many years later, the ornaments from my childhood now compete for space on our tree with our own new ornaments.

    For New Years, we would watch Dick Clark ring in the New Year, and attempt to eat 12 grapes before the clock finished striking 12 (a European tradition, a sign for good luck).


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