When do you start your Christmas shopping?

Usually when do you start your Christmas shopping and how many kids do you have? Anything specific that you’re getting them this year that they want?

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23 Responses to “When do you start your Christmas shopping?”

  1. Lydia said:

    Started Boxing Day last year! I shop all year ’round.

  2. xsexixlexix said:

    Black Friday 🙂

  3. Bud said:

    when walmart breaks out the decorations, so july 4th.
    i can set my watch by that.

  4. alines said:

    After Thanksgiving.

  5. Bay of plenty said:

    In the last minute

  6. Philicious said:

    Black Friday baby!

  7. Jan Jan =) said:

    when there are sales.

  8. ♥SHES HERE!! said:

    This year I have 2 kids, and I haven’t started yet. Will probably wait til December. I’m mainly getting them clothes, and books. They already have a room full of toys so if we do get a toy it will be something they can use for a long time.

  9. Karma police said:

    The day before because it becomes exciting.

  10. Dr.Lopez said:

    When ever there are discounts and sales.
    But don’t wait till the last minute or else your screwed.

  11. a1beachbug said:

    As far as finding out what your children want for Christmas I pay attention to what they tell me they want or interested in all year and you can also have them write letters to Santa. As far as shopping goes I shop on Black Friday but I also buy some things here and there throughout the year that I think my family might like.

  12. anonimyse said:

    I start in November but get the majority of it done on black Friday the Friday after thanks giving and the Monday on the internet, cyber Monday, after thanks giving fantastic deals if you don’t mind getting up early.

  13. TiaraL67 said:

    well I go in november or late october.I have one 12 year-old girl and im getting her a iTouch,WiiSports Resort,clothes,shoes,earrings,ect.

  14. treemeadow said:

    We don’t do big presents here. Just trinkets and things on Christmas Eve, and a big family get together on Christmas Day.

    So, we buy the trinkets whenever we see one that suits someone.

  15. true love said:

    i start as soon as i see something on sale

    something alot of people don’t know…some of that after thanksgiving sale is a rip off (especially toys r us-worked there b4). the prices go down two weeks to a month) before the sale and the day of the sale the prices go back up to the regular price if not more.

  16. Anto said:

    End of august when just back from holiday. get all the kids stuff in before prices start inflating for the time thats in it (clothes and most toys). Dont get everything cos there is always something that comes out which they might want. we get xmas pressies for everyone else throughout the year.
    not worth the hassle of going to city in all the hussle and bussle as it gets closer. my mates always envy us. but i have to admit herself does most of it (she just loves spending the bucks). and we are stress free for the chrimbo.

  17. Ivy's Having Twins! said:

    I do it last minute, just in time to get things shipped that need shipping.

  18. Kassy said:

    i start about a few days after thanksgiving

  19. Brooke said:

    I shop year round!!! Seriously though, probably around mid-November. I have 3 step-daughters (11, 7, 3) and there is nothing too specific that they want just mainly Wii games and clothes, us girls and clothes…..you can never have enough 😉

  20. MT said:

    About a week before hand. I need to work under pressure and facing Walmart and the malls that close to the actual day reinforces my annoyance with the whole holiday. Bah Humbug!

    My daughter will be 7 two days after Xmas. She hasn’t requested anything, but we were thinking of getting her an MP3 player loaded with a bunch of music and maybe an Acer laptop (to use under supervision). 2 bigger presents instead of a bunch of little ones.

  21. Jane Collective said:

    I have two kids and i usually start xmas shopping sometime around xmas. usually the day before xmas eve, and xmas eve.
    i havent thought about what im going to get them bc they are always changing their minds. i know i want to get them a swingset that is real good quality bc they have run through one in two yrs. other than that…..i guess toys and clothes, whatever i can grab at the store.

  22. #3&4 are coming! said:

    I started my christmas shopping in january when things are on sale. I have a 4 1/2 yo daughter 19 month old so and BG twins that are 11 days old. I am also caring for a friends 3 children. 4 yo girl,2 yo boy and 7 month old boy. they are getting a ball-pit thing to share and a kitchen set and a couple trucks. The babies are getting clothes and a light up blanket thing.

  23. kym said:

    early november


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