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How soon do you start your christmas shopping, and how soon do u actually buy the presents?

i already know what i want to give people for next christmas

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12 Responses to “How soon do you start your christmas shopping, and how soon do u actually buy the presents?”

  1. Breeanna said :

    i usually decide five days before christmas 🙂 i’m a procrastinator.

  2. justme1 said :

    I do a little all throughout the year, and usually check the stockpile in October or so, and then I make a final list of what’s needed.

    It’s a lot easier on the wallet to spread it out, but I advise if you’re buying certain things, like electronics, you do it as closely to Christmas as possible, so in case it doesn’t work and needs to be returned, it won’t be too much hassle.

  3. drumcatblue said :

    I really don’t like christmas shopping so I wait pretty late like a week or so before ———————I go by a list, things that the people asked for and try to do all the shopping in 3-4 stores.

  4. I am the answer said :

    I shop about 2-3 weeks before xmas.

  5. eschewdefeat said :

    I gave up Xmas years ago. Now I give my friends presents on my birthday–June 21st.

  6. sglmom said :

    I KNOW what the people I will be doing Christmas Shopping for really like — and since the things are little .. (simple really — because we are all middle aged and have our own homes and our own incomes) …

    I shop little by little — spread the expense out .. and by the time Thanksgiving rolls around .. it is ONLY ME that I need to shop for a ‘special treat’ on the Black Friday Sales!

  7. choco crunchies said :


  8. Mezuzah said :

    wow! it’s always good to be well prepared and know what people like to receive for christmas after you’ve gone thru some experience:-).

    I had bought presents 2 or 3 months b4 christmas2007 to avoid busy and rush schedule during christmas.

  9. anne b said :

    I start in the January sales, keep an eye out for ideas during the year.

  10. Sandra H said :

    I Christmas shop all year round! Especially for the younger kids in my life. My older ones it’s sometimes tougher! Makes it a whole lot easier to spend that money when it’s not done all at once!

  11. Harry said :

    Shopping actually starts, but never ends…Christmas season shopping deals are good and people make use of that…

  12. Deb W said :

    I try to write down ideas throughout the year, but I don’t buy anything until December. If I start buying gifts any earlier I will continue to buy until Christmas and spend entirely too much.


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