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Is it too early for me to start my Christmas shopping?

I know it’s only July, and I sound crazy, but about this time I itch to start buying Christmas gifts, especially when I have some extra money.

I’m fifteen years old, and have an extra $100 dollars in my pocket. I might not have that kind of money come Christmas time… since I have it, is it too early to start my shopping?

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17 Responses to “Is it too early for me to start my Christmas shopping?”

  1. ġoiиġ ∩υтs & alгeaḋy CяคzУ said:

    no :: but christmas isn’t about swapping material things

  2. C Co said:

    I Christmas shop for next Christmas the day after Christmas.

    So no

  3. Vixenella said:

    Nope-it’s a common thing in my family to buy Christmas gifts months ahead of time.It makes things less stressful when the season gets here. My Granny already has hers done.Plus,if you are unsure if you will have the money then, go for it. BTW,I think it is terrific at your age you are thinking of others rather than yourself.
    Shopping the day after Xmas is a good way to stock up on gifts for the following year-especially on gift sets on items that are up to 75% off.

  4. Taara said:

    It depends on if you want to go shopping now but why not in the month of Christmas. Usually prices go down so it’s better to save your money and go shopping in December . You know Christmas is not all about gifts! It’s about gathering with your family and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

  5. Babygirl said:

    Since you have some extra money, now is the perfect time…
    btw I start right after Christmas for the next Christmas.

  6. Hannah C said:

    maybe its too early , as for me , i will start buying on sep

  7. Dr. Web MD said:

    oh heck no, I start December 26th with the good after Christmas sales. I buy all year long that way I can have a less stressful Christmas time and enjoy myself rather and stressing about money or presents. I am usually done shopping in October. Unless I find something here or there that I add on. But I love shopping early.

  8. Just look at the proud princess said:

    I would say yes, because the people your buying for might not like what you bought them any more. Peoples likes and dislikes change over months. Maybe you could just save your money right now?

  9. It's Jєяsєy Nigguh ;) yu dig said:

    It’s never too early. I want to start my Christmas shopping already as well but knowning me I’ll end up giving it way before Christmas.

  10. Mom2B11/09 said:

    I don’t think it’s too early, in fact I have already started my Christmas shopping. I like to do it early so I can beat the Christmas rush and just enjoy Christmas while it lasts.

  11. Wolfgang M (тор соитяוвυтоя) said:

    I know, I’ve been thinking about it too, and I’m excited, but it’s no where near coming. But I don’t think you should. I did it last year, and when Christmas time came, there was so much better stuff that I could have brought. I ended up regretting buying the stuff in the first place, and didn’t use any of it. I ended up buying new stuff, because everything was so much better, and I wasted my money. There were also better sales. Maybe you should save it, or bank it so you won’t be tempted to spend it.

  12. DEREK M said:

    It’s probably the perfect time as there isn’t a big rush. However remember if someone tells you what they want later it will be too late

  13. Red Cat said:


    …../_/………….. /_/…………….

    Don’t listen to the people who tell you to wait. Now is the best time to start shopping, for two reasons:

    1. Summer Sales – I have picked up loads of items in the summer sales. I’ve bought 16 great gifts for under £50! Shop now and you’ll say money in the long run. Shops work by “supply and demand.” if the Public has a huge demand for something, shops will put the prices up. If there is a low demand, they will put the prices down to shift the produce. At christmas time, the demand for gifts will obviously be high and therefore you’ll spend more.

    2. Spaced out buying – If you spend, say $25 of your $100, and then maybe $10 in August, $15 in September and so forth, you will soon complete your Christmas shopping without even noticing the money going!


  14. dat grl . kat . said:

    i don’t think it’s too early. i’m about to be 15 and if i don’t start my Christmas shopping or at least start putting money aside to buy Christmas gifts i’ll waste all my money on the movies or something. So my Christmas shopping is about to start soon too!

  15. fran said:

    Its never too early to buy Christmas presents, i buy mine throughout the year

  16. cєlтic тhundeя♥ said:

    Of course not. It really is up to you. But you just said you might not have that kind of money once Christmas comes. How about saving $2.00 every week. You’ll have 100 dollars by the time Christmas comes again ^^

    Hope I helped!!

  17. Alex said:

    It’s never too early! Just imagine this- you buy buy buy and when Christmas comes up your not going to feel like you wasted as much money. I’m actually doing all my Christmas planning ahead- from gifts to our trip to NY…The earlier you plan less stressful you will be in December. I saw a documentary last year about people that loose there patience when Christmas comes around. Many feel desperate that they can’t buy there kids or whom ever a good gift because they can’t afford it, and don’t spend Christmas with that joy. I know Christmas is not all about the material stuff like “going nuts already said” BUT it does help you have a better time.


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