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How early do you start your christmas shopping?

I usually start in mid-October to Late november…this year I started in mid-September. I am partially done too! This is definitly a first. How about you? When do you start your shopping?

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16 Responses to “How early do you start your christmas shopping?”

  1. HarleyGirlSD said:

    I usually start in early July, and do most of it online.

  2. melody said:

    in the middle of december! =]] thats when they have all the sales.

  3. Paco284 said:

    i have already bought my chrismas present

  4. Just Somebody said:

    I start in august

  5. Kylie D said:

    When ever there are good sales at any time of the year i save it for christmas

  6. Michelle M said:

    I am always keeping an eye out for gifts that people might like, whether it is for Christmas or as a Birthday present. So basically, it’s a year-round thing for me. That way I avoid the crowds in December.

  7. Genny said:

    I use to shop early just like you, but now I find that it is become difficult to buy presents for others, including family , I find that people have become more picky on the presents that they get. I enjoy buying for kids but adults a total different matter.
    I will begin the end of October ,I have also noticed that around that time the packaging is a bit more festive and the mood of people is a bit more friendly.

  8. life_and_ashleyxoxo said:

    I like to start Xmas Shopping in the middle of Dec. Because I love being with the crowds and being with lots of people! It makes me feel very cheerful.


  9. new_mom said:

    I’ve started in Sept this year. I love shopping the internet!

  10. I love MCR said:

    i procrastinate. so, probably the week of. that’s when they have the last minute sales. and there’s not as big of a crowd as two weeks before.

  11. Tammi D said:

    i keep my open beginning December 26

  12. Mustbe said:

    October is the month I start….
    I like to have most of it done by December..

  13. TiBarbie said:

    black friday baby
    i wont get suckered into paying full retail for my presents

  14. KrisB said:

    I participate in the online group – Christmas Organizing and I actually start in December for the following year! So I find all those great deals say during December 2006 and I am using them as gifts for Christmas 2007 – 99% of the 300+ gifts I purchase are bought before November.

  15. cynthia h said:

    I start around the 1st of October. But I do most of my shopping from catalogs and QVC!!!!!!!

  16. joe s said:

    the day before christmas for the next christmas


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