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Now that Black Friday is coming, I am planning on buying the wii. How much is the wii going 2 b 4 black friday?

How much is the wii going to be for Black Friday?

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18 Responses to “Now that Black Friday is coming, I am planning on buying the wii. How much is the wii going 2 b 4 black friday?”

  1. dwsn_lxs said:

    usually it goes down to about $100-$200.

  2. BlueHat23 said:
  3. abna33129 said:

    If they have any left, as they were going out of stock in september, it might be anywhere from $299 on up, depending on where you go.

  4. Jasper L said:

    Because of the Wii’s high demand, the price will be the same $249.99 cost as it always is. They are still passing out raffle tickets at Circuit City and Best Buy, they won’t be discounting it anytime soon. Sorry!

  5. asumab said:

    the wii will probably still be the same price but what they’ve been doing at walmart and bestbuy is selling bundles like a wii and wii fit for $300

    so don’t expect teh regular price of $249 for the wii to go down- just look out for a wii bundle you like

  6. Hopee * said:

    dont fall for free wii’s or free wii stuff going around ugh.
    anyways im not sure. probably not much

  7. Young Link said:

    it doesnt get discount because its a SYSTEM

  8. Bryan said:

    Wiis are still selling out extremely quickly. They don’t need a price drop to sell, so they won’t be getting one. The challenge won’t be to get a good deal on one, it will just be to find one.

  9. Lynda D said:

    249.00 in stores. Bundles online are starting at 299.00 for the super smash bros bundle.

  10. Luigi Time! said:

    im not sure

  11. veronica559_1 said:

    same price its 249 check yourself black friday ads are already out on the websites but my sis is selling her wii
    good luck with ur wii shoping

  12. cheapestpcrepair said:

    The WII will be on sale at Tiger for Pink Friday, (similar to Black Friday except that a VERY large portion of the proceeds goes to help fight breast cancer) and I am not sure of the price, but usualy at least 40% off the normal price.

  13. chottan_mottan said:

    If there is a great deal on wii, you can typically find it on top online deals forums and sites like redflagdeals, smartcanucks and edealinfo. deals search might be able to help you as they look at all top sites in just one click.

  14. honeybunches said:

    it wont be discounted, but i know that many places are giving out gift cards, like in circuit city, if you buy an xbox 360, they give you a $30 circuit city gift card.

  15. Love ♥ said:

    I wanted to get one also but when i saw it was the same price as it always has been i was like i don’t need it that much…anyways it will be 249.99.

    although some places have it for 399.99 because it comes with like two games and a skin for the controller.

  16. girls_rock_like_me said:

    well if ur lucky and get it quickly probably between 100-200 most likely in the 200s i got mine for 220

  17. Maryjo Manco said:

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  18. Saturnina Whittman said:

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