Where Are you Going Shopping Black Friday and Where Should I Go?

I would like to know how many of you will be going shopping this black friday, are you buying for yourself or others, and will you arrive hours before the store opens or take your time?

I think I am going to WalMart (of course), Target, the malls, and a few local shops. I will be buying for others and myself, I dont have children and my husband and I dont have big families so it is just so easy for us to buy things for ourselves and our home.

So what are you plans?
The day after Thanksgiving Sales

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4 Responses to “Where Are you Going Shopping Black Friday and Where Should I Go?”

  1. a-mazed said:

    Please ‘define’ (in details) what you mean by Black Friday?
    I’m not familiar with this term – I don’t have television; perhaps that’s why?

  2. Nunya B said:

    target, walmart, jcpenny most definately

  3. Erin said:

    I’m not sure yet if I’ll be shopping. Plans are kind of up in the air at the moment. I don’t typically go shopping on Black Friday. In fact, I usually avoid the stores. But this year is unusual for me. I’ll be visiting my parents and other assorted relatives in Florida over Thanksgiving for the first time. The men are off to play golf that Friday. While us women may or may not go shopping. It’ll be decided on the day, I’m sure.

  4. star28_79 said:

    It usually depends on what stores have the best sales. Most likely my mother and I will be going to Best Buy, Walmart, Target, OfficeMax and the malls. We get there maybe 30 minutes before or right when the doors open. Thanksgiving is spent with family so not much time to sit outside a store for hours. Hoping to find a good price on an external hard drive and maybe micro sd cards. And of course clothes/shoes.


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