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How much will a iPod cost on Black Friday?

I was thinking of going out on Black Friday to get myself an iPod. I wanted to get the 16GB Second Generation iPod Touch that is usually $299. How much do you think this will cost on Black Friday?

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3 Responses to “How much will a iPod cost on Black Friday?”

  1. Matthew W said :

    idk i’ve been trying to find out

  2. Dwight K. Schrute said :

    There will probably be an ad for Apple near Black Friday to let you know

  3. jon said :

    not much at all if any youll get like 10% off or get like a free case with it or something very minimal. but last year the accesories were on crazy sale so you could check into that too. also if you change ur mind and want to get a zune those go for freakin cheap during black friday sale along with other non apple mp3 players. hope this helped ;)…im planning to get one then too also if you have a frys electronics near you then that is a great place to go for sales


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